Thursday, May 10, 2007

Estonia Jews to get first synagogue

Estonia is preparing for the opening of its first synagogue since the country's Jewish community was destroyed in the Holocaust.

Speaking ahead of the building's official opening ceremony on May 16, Chief Rabbi Shmuel Kot, the country's first Rabbi since the early 1940s, said the occasion was the best answer to "fascism, communism and Nazism".

Kot, of the Chabad Lubavitch Orthodox Jewish movement, said: "I am the first rabbi after the Holocaust. The last rabbi was killed by the Nazis."

He was reluctant to speak about Estonia's recent decision to remove a Soviet-era war memorial which riots by mainly Russian-speaking Estonians - a significant minority of 300,000 in the country of 1.3 million.

But he said, on Thursday, it had been a sensitive issue for Jews living in Estonia as many were Russian-speaking war veterans.

The new synagogue was built at a cost of about $2 million with money from the US-based Rohr family foundation and Estonian Jews and non-Jews.

It will fit 180 people in the main worship area.

The Jewish population of Estonia is about 3,000.


Since when do we rely on Al Jazeera for our news?


Hatzlocho rabboh to him!


be very careful they just started their english news division and already they are making sure to report the jewish sector that means its not stam a arab newspaper but a very threatening political tool to the morally weak watch them play a major role in the near future as part of the attack on the morally unprincipled not only should a jew never get a article from bloodthirsty goyim but a endeavor should be made which probably wont happen but in the future will happen that it should be shut down bc they incite terror and treason the key answer is not attack the goy stregnthen the jew in u in ure family and above all in eretz yisroel Jew InC go manhigut yehudit and moshe feiglin let us all become prouder of the intricacies of being jewish means


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