Thursday, May 17, 2007

Fairmont Funding now hiring

According to the scrolling electronic banner on the Fairmont Funding building on the corner of 16th Avenue and 60th Street, they are now looking to hire sales people. Please don't all run to apply for the job at once.

what is wrong with that chaptzim?they are a mortgige broker thats hireing salespeople. why shouldnt people work there?


they are in dred


I was waiting a while till I saw the manager for the interview. There must've been at lease 3 people applying for the same job, just when I was there.


So Chaim did you get the job?


Now that sham mortgages are out, it'll be much harder to make sales. This is like joining a dot-com in 2002.


yes, from what i hear they are back in buisness and are the same as before they are restarting and will be back as the # 1 mortgage company in ny.. hatzlacha to them! b'h !


www.nayis.com has a link to chaptzem on the homepage. just a FYI


nayis is a brand new site. In fact the domain was just registered TODAY:


Must be the owner making that last post.



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