Friday, May 11, 2007

Lipa Schmeltzer - The hardest working Skverer

Lipa Schmeltzer, the hardest working Skverer yingerman, is calling thousands of homes today to let them know that he will be hosting the drawing for the Oorah Chinese auction, which he thinks is on Motzei Shabbos May 12th at night. Be sure to listen carefully when he speaks and if you have a hard time understanding his dialect of Yinglish, don't be shy to ask him to repeat himself.

very funny. So you got to make fun of a talented fellow while sounding quite jealous of this succesful young man! hope you feel proud of yourself. never mind all the "good" deeds you do almost every day by slandering our leaders and fellow brothers!


Wasn't he put in cherem?


Did you hear about the Yaldei dinner in montreal. THey had a record breaking 1,500 people at their dinner. Montreal has never had such a large dinner. Chazzan Stark and Morty Silber both sang at this dinner. here's a link to one song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2fAX_ohyrR8


Got a phone call Friday night at about 8:25 PM about the Hatzalah of Boro Park Chinese Auction. I couldn't believe whom it was from when I heard my answering machine answer the telephone.I don't know why in this day and age they could not set their timer on the computer correctly so they don't make calls on shabbos..


I got home and Da Wife informs me that Lipa left me a message..

Lipa WHat??

Yup, I got Lipaed!


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