Sunday, May 27, 2007

MAYOR MIKE'S PARKING PERKS - Letter to the New York Post

The Post, through its exclusive and excellent reporting, has uncovered the real reason for congestion in lower Manhattan.

Mayor Bloomberg, in his misguided plan to put tolls on traffic into Manhattan, has missed an easy and effective solution to the problem. If only he would have looked in his own back yard.

If his plan were to be implemented, how much would we have to spend taking photos of license plates of city workers and then have them exempted.

Let Bloomberg reduce the congestion caused by city employees by 75 percent, and then let's revisit the issue. You never know, the whole problem might disappear overnight.

Chayim Weiss


Thats the stupidest letter ever.


why is it stupid?
your post would be more interesting if you had a topic.


That letter is right on the ball.


That letter is BS. Take away one of the few perks city workers get? Have you taken a ride down 13th, 14th and 16th Ave lately and see how few of the community gets away with illegally double parking? That is what should be enforced.


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