Thursday, May 24, 2007

Meter parkers get heavily ticketed over Yom Tov

Although alternate-side parking regulations were suspended for Yom Tov, meter parking, as Boro-Park residents learned the hard way, was not. People that parked at metered parking spaces over Yom Tov were heavily ticketed for their transgression. As a matter of fact, so many tickets were issued that ticket agents ran out of envelopes and were leaving only the tickets on the offending cars' windshield. Upset Boro-Park residents approached Councilman Simcha Felder in Shul about what was happening. His response was that he had made a clear announcement on the Nachum Segal radio show that meter parking would not be suspended over Yom Tov. I'm sure every Boro-Parker listens to every word that Nachum Segal broadcasts.

Someone should have hired our workers (who had 2 days off) to go around putting quarters in meters.


good answer!


simcha felder should be fired, the muslims and christian council members know how to fight for their rights, whu can't he????


And even if you don't listen to nachum Segal's show, does that mean that you should be exempt from following the law?!?


Felder had no idea about this till after the Zman.


what rights? everyone knows u cant park by meters theres no need 4 announcements


Upset Boro-Park residents approached Councilman Simcha Felder in Shul about what was happening.

How very יום טובדיג.


Were the parking meters not there on past Yomtovim? What happened then?


Since when do people think that the meters are suspended every yomtov during the middle of the week?


if enough people will compaign against him with this story qat election time watch how he will react and he will not be re-elected


can you please explain why we should get preferential treatment about this? You make it sound like he has control over this. You guys are sounding really dumb over this.


Every yom tov the same thing happens. Meeters are always in effect even when alternate side is not. People just don't learn.


This has nothing to do with Felder. The same thing happened when Dear was Councilman.

Meeters are always in effect. Done!!!

Don't park by a meeter during the weekday if you won't be able to put in money.


Of course meter rules are in effect. However, there was an appreciated courtesy which was extended to Boro Park Residents for years and we did not get meter summonses on Yomim Tovim. If we would have actually been forewarned that this courtesy can no longer be provided I'm sure most people would have parked elsewhere.


Are cars ticketed while they are double parked on alternate side of the street hours? They are not!! Even if double parking is prohibited 365/24/7 !! So I am sure , if possible, the Askonim could at least look the other way on Yon Tov(there is 4 months till Rosh Hashana - enought time to fix this)


However, if you are ticketed for double parking during alternate side, you will not be able to fight it. A courtesy that is extended by the police can be revoked at their discretion. This is what i heard personally from a Traffic Judge in NYC.


I think the problem is very simple there is a new Captain running the show in T302, because the old one is very sick and is on leave for now. The new one is a "tinkle" and no one could talk to her.


Someone spray painted/jammed the meters on 16th avenue where cars were ticketed on yom tov. Your thoughts?


anon 2:37
i guess if you write something in yiddish and put it in quotations, no one can figure out that you are writing something derogatory.


2:37 is on the ball. People of that persuasion have an ongoing history of hatred of Jews. I have no problem pointing that out, despite your over-sensitive oh-my-goodness-that-is-racist sensibilities.


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