Monday, May 28, 2007

Mordechai Ben David makes illegal u-turn and parks by fire pump

The world renowned Chasidic music recording star and activist for Chasidic recording artists' rights, Mordechai Ben David, publicly displayed his disregard for New York City traffic law, public safety and for his fellow man. While driving his silver Jeep, MBD dangerously swerved into a full u-turn on 16th Avenue and 55th Street. After performing that illegal maneuver he proceeded to slam his car into an illegal parking spot blocking a fire hydrant. To quote the great MBD from his own words, "You're such a wonderful person".

Was this the first-time this sort of "illegal maneuver" where such a "public display of disregard for New York City traffic law, public safety and for fellow man" has occurred in Boro Park? Then Boro Park must be a wonderful small-town-like neighborhood, that I would like to live there myself!

Can you report when I do this too? Or do you only report it when it involves a public persona, where you can make a bigger ruckus?


who cares what this hypocrite shyster does?


The world needs to lay off MBD and other Jewish singers. Who cares what they do? They are not role models, religious leaders, or policy makers. They are simply entertainers. Leave the paparazzi to stalk Lindsay Lohan and Britney SPears.


subsequent to his SLAMMING his car into an illegal parking space, tell me, is there anything left of the car?????


Hey Anonymous : May 28, 2007 6:34 PM is the way you talk about another yid






Who cares? Perhaps he had an emergency or was unwell. And even if he is a bad driver, some of the worst drivers I know are among the best people out there, and the biggest menuval, pervert and overall dreckster I ever met has a long time perfect driving record.


WOW, Gee, great! Does anybody really care?!? May be get a life and let people live. You present Blog to be shallow and sad



pray tell, how the hell do you know this? and more than that who gives a shit?


just because he's famous and well known, doesn't mean he's not human, like everyone else who does theses things.


Ahem... jus coz he's a fab singer, dont make him a great driver! Yeh and who gives anyway?!


>They are not role models, religious leaders, or policy makers.

So tell them to shut up and stop preaching.


Mordechai Ben David, publicly displayed his disregard for New York City traffic law, public safety and for his fellow man.
posted by Chaptzem at 4:06 PM on May 28, 2007

This is a perfect example of a story with no newes but loshon hora.
Such stories are not apriciated.

To know what loshon hora is learn in the sefer chofietz chaim before such stories are posted.


Why is this any worse than when some UnGrand Rebbele's limo blocks traffic or hydrants? Who should be the role model? And is the has-been singer the only dude in BP who violates such laws? Perhaps "some day we will all be together"


Great story! Except that you left the best part out!!
I heard from a friend's friend who was there, that MBD was actually riding a Harley wearing a tank top and shorts when he made the u-turn. Although it was hard to see his face through the helmet, it was unmistakably MBD because there was a huge superman tatoo with the words 'MBD' emblazoned on his left bicep.
After he parked the Harley at the pump he put on his street clothes (Long coat, hat and beard) and walked into Shomer Shabbos to catch a Mincha.


Wow, you truly live a boring life if you find this to be "news" Buy a tv!


K.H.D.B.O.M.G.L.B.S.H.E.M.J.E - Actually the beard is also part of his Harley persona.


To K.H.D.B.O.M.G.L.B.S.H.E.M.J.E......

Nice story!!!
Might be true

Its a bird its...........its MBD!!!!


Whadaya talkin' about??

I saw him davening in Khal Astoria Bank D'Boro Park!!!!!!!!


I happen to know MBD & I know he would never do such a thing unless it was an emergency.
This "news article"/lashon hora is overflowing with hatred & jealousy.
To that great man "we must teach our children too, treat your fellow friend like they were you."


What's the problem? I'm sure he has a good reason for doing that. But even if not what's the big deal? anything wrong with doing that? it's totally normal, who wouldn't do that? just grow up and give us better news.


Close your eyes and imagine Walter Cronkite broadcasting this on the 7 O'Clock News


are you going to report next time if he washed MAYIM ACHROWNIM? so he did,look for faults by police fire or go to work and you will be busy.


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