Tuesday, May 15, 2007


An infamous divorcée wannabe is hoping what happens in Brooklyn doesn't have to stay in Brooklyn.

Chana Taub, whose nasty divorce clash with her husband, Simon, was dubbed "the War of the Roses" after a judge ordered the pair to split their home with a makeshift wall, is now trying to open a new battlefront against her estranged hubby - in Manhattan.

Taub, 57, has filed a new divorce suit against her sweater-mogul husband in Manhattan Supreme Court, charging him with cruelty and adultery, just weeks after a Brooklyn jury rejected similar claims, leaving the pair unhappily married.

Her lawyer, Irvin Rosenthal, said the new suit deals with Simon's actions since she filed for divorce the first time, in September 2005.

"He's committed acts of cruelty and adultery since then," Rosenthal said, adding that the case was filed in Manhattan because "we felt a woman in the Hasidic community can't get a fair trial in Brooklyn."

Simon Taub, 58, wants the case transferred to Brooklyn and accused his estranged wife of "judge shopping."

"If she doesn't like what happens in Manhattan, then she'll go to Queens," he said after a hearing yesterday in Manhattan Supreme Court.

The two-year fight made headlines when, despite owning several pieces of property, both refused to move out their Borough Park brownstone and Simon, with judicial approval, built a wall to split the home in two.


I don't understand this case at all. Are they allowed to live in the same home halachically if she wants a divorce? Why does he stay with her if she has such animosity toward him? Why doesn't she move out if he doesn't? If she gets a civil divorce nad he doesn't give a get she'll be an aguna. I assume he wouldn't give her a get if he's not giving her a civil divorce. If her life is really so miserable she should leave him without getting the money she wants.


May her unbroken losing streak continue to remain unbroken!

Anon11:14 - She is a zonah and a gold digger. She lost every step of the way in all the courts that she dragged this into (instead of using Beis Din--she claimed Beis Din was unfair and instead got a piece of her own medicine in civil court!)

Then she dragged her kids and the media into it and still got shot down at every step. She doesn't want a divorce, she wants cash. Halacha is that generally a former wife only gets the amount prescribed in the kesubah. That wasn't enough for her.

She got (and is getting) all the petch she deserves.


I love this story; its just a shame the updates don't come more often with more details.


Joe, you've got to be kidding!

You "love this story"?

I don't know alot about this case, but I have seen this stuff (ugly divorces) up close, and it's a living hell for all involved. Everybody loses: the husband, the wife, and especially the kids. We should stop the selfish voyeurism, and work to keep couples together, and support organizations that help these people.

Most of all the dirty tricks have to stop. The friends and family must encourage them to do things as prescribed by Jewish law, and not use children (and courts) as weapons.




she digged her own grave now she is just closing her box from inside please give her the change its hard to move inside


Did she get Ohel Family services domestic violence involved in this case?


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