Wednesday, May 09, 2007

New Kosher flyers in Williamsburg

Due to the controversy over immodest flyers in Williamsburg, here is the prototype for the new Kosher flyers to be distributed in the near future.

love u "chaptzem" this is the best ever posted on your blog.




The sale is only on Saturday !!


budgies on the back page?


Hee hee hee! Did you make that? That is so funny!


Did you notice that the sale is only on Shabbos morning?


Chaptzem, you menuval!!
How could you post a picture with a shiksa wearing pants????


what's a shiksa...is that a messenger?


vy ken I nisht get it in black


Sale for frimmer meidlach on Saturday only!!!

Mechallel shabbes for tznius!

oy, a shande!

"It's all inside" - not even gonna start on this one..I won't know where to end! lol


I recognise the women in green.She is Rebbetzen.....


Hey "Eez der a HECHSHER" on de cloding??????

Yoy now myne hosbend cannot look at the bra advertisements anymore.

I vill esk da Rebbe eef vee ken make Havdoole een de mornink so vee ken go bie de KOSHER cloding
Shaabes mornink.

I lyke de pockets on de robes der eez room for de galle end de eyer mit tvibel after de meal
von syde eez milacheeg der nodder von fleisheeg.


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