Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Orthodox band Blue Fringe

Rock band Blue Fringe’s newly released third CD, “The Whole World Lit Up,” has gone where few overtly Jewish recordings have gone before: into the rock/pop bins in selected stores of three national chains n Barnes & Noble, Borders and Virgin Records.

“It’s very exciting for us,” said lead singer Dov Rosenblatt. “It’s the first time that the music has a chance to be heard by more people … We’re the big guinea pig. They really feel we have crossover, mainstream appeal.”

Blue Fringe’s sound is part folk rock, part pop punk, with a mix of traditional Jewish melodies and harmonies. In keeping with Torah precepts, the love songs speak of adoration and commitment, not lust. Other lyrics yearn for god.

The new album is stylistically diverse and contemporary. “Eshet Chayil,” a love song, and the reverential song “Listen to You” share a vibe with the chart-busting band Coldplay, though without the sonic effects. The romantic “Do You Realize” evokes John Lennon at his tenderest.
“We’re just writing about issues we think about as being religious Jews in a modern society,” Rosenblatt said.

Lead guitarist Avi Hoffman adds that Blue Fringe seeks to “reinterpret [traditional Jewish melodies] in a different harmonic context n to play an existing melody with very different chords. It changes the meaning, puts it in a different light.”

The New York-based band also includes bassist Hayyim Danzig and drummer Danny Zwillenberg. All four members are mid-20s modern Orthodox men who “dream that we can make a living doing what we love, by playing music,” Rosenblatt said. Still, Zwillenberg attends graduate school, Danzig is an engineer, Hoffman is considering law school and Rosenblatt studied psychology.

Blue Fringe formed six years ago while the guys were students at Yeshiva University in New York.


Yasher koach to Dov and the gang. I've known Dov since he was a pisher and he's a great kid. Their music is very good.


Dov is still a pisher he also is Naval Birshus Hatorah


Charming retort.


blue fringe has done more harm than good for our cummunity. they are a group of resentful YU guys who have nothing better to do than bash yeshiva/frum guys. after they put out the song "flipping out", many yeshivas had a hard time recruiting boys. the song portrays guys who become yeshiva guys in a very bad light, that they don't have respect for their parents, all they want is their money, they have no kavod habriyot b/c they no longer hang out with their girlfriends, they dont shower etc. so after hearing all this, many guys were reluctant to come to yeshiva in israel. so we could honestly thank blue fringe for their disservice to our community. and youre right, blue fringe does belong in barnes and nobles, because it definately does not belong in a jewish home.


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