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A rabbi-turned-notary reveals woman's past lives by examining her signature

It's hard to find a notary public these days, as anyone who's gotten divorced, applied for public housing, sold a house, or executed a complicated financial agreement with their dad can tell you. I feel like I've spent a lot of time during this past legally exciting year tracking down notaries. I've also spent some time pondering what an odd job a notary has: authenticate that you are who you are, and that you've signed a document in front of them. The document could state that you promise to eat more fiber or that you will love clowns for ever and ever. The notary does not care what it says.

I was glad to find a notary within walking distance of my new home. At the rear of a vast, old-fashioned stationery store on Court Street in Brooklyn, past ledger books and hole-punches, two portly Orthodox men work behind a glass counter. The younger one, clean-shaven with bright red payes, answers the phone and does Xeroxing. The older one has short hair and a gray beard; he wears a yarmulke and a handsome, rumpled suit. That is Yitz Ring. He takes the authenticating-who-you-are thing to a new, unfamiliar level: on my first visit, he examined my signatureâ�"a series of concentric loopsâ�"and pronounced, "Nelly, your head is too much in the spiritual realm." Then he looked at the phone numbers and addresses on my documents and muttered something about "so many 8s" and "chaos."

The next time I went in he told me that in a past life I had helped a lot of Jews during the Holocaust and that I was a reincarnation of Eve. With most people, I would not have found such unsolicited psychic pronouncements charmingâ�"I would have found them intrusive and possibly creepy. But Yitz is charismatic and funny; he radiates good will and I got curious: Where did his pronouncements come from? Were they religious? Was he totally nuts or a savant?

I'm not sure I got an answer during the conversations that followed, but I did learn that Yitz truly embraces his own cosmology. Most of the people I talk to acknowledge, maybe without even being conscious of it, that there is an element of subjectivity in their theologies. Yitz believes that his beliefs are truth for all of us.


I've examined this former rabbi/current notary's photograph and can state unequivocally through the powers that be, that he is a definite kook.


All lawyers are Notary Publics. You do not have to search far and wide to find one.


It may be that all Lawyers are notary public but few of them hang out a shingle offering their services. There is one across the street from my job at Natan Borlam's, so I do not have to dearch for a notary but if you ask me to find another one I would be stumped. You might need to search far and wide for a Lawyer that will notarize signatures for a normal fee.


Most bank branches have a notary available. So do many drugstores.


Another putz.


it is not legal to charge more than $2 a signature so if a lawyer or anyone charges you more than that they can get in trouble. no one said they have to notarize but if they do they are legally not allowed to charge more


Ask any storekeeper that greets customers with a friendly hello and genuinely means it, that in 1 minute or less they know a whole lot about you. That's what makes a salesman, a salesman. Before you realize how much you just revealed about yourself, it's done.
Women in general are very vulnerable to this type of thing. Ask any hairdresser. They know.




Ananoymous (May 4). Right on.


As soon as I finished reading this I ran to speak with Mr. Ring and he confirmed what I have known all along - that my future reincarnation is Captain Kirk and that the force is strong with me!

Seriously, he told me that I don't look like a gullible, affluent and confused woman in their mid-forties, and so the only service he could offer my was notarizing my signature.


Hey, he told me that he is the reincarnation of Kirk!


Guy is Nuts, with a capital N


Rabbi Yisroel Belsky Shlita can do the same thing. Some years ago when I met him to discuss some problems I was having with my husband, he placed his hands on me and through the special power that he has, was able to tell me who I was in my prior gilgul. He told me his power is limited and can only receive small amounts of information at a time. I found it remarkable after two months and meeting him a few times a week, as to how much information he received about me. So, I don't think anyone should be making fun of Mr. Ring, as power like this does exist.


I heard that Rabbi Belsky was interested only in little boys together with his companion Kolko.


He was working yesterday in Zahler's nutrition on 13th Ave. He told my husband he is from a descendant of someone powerful. My husband happens to be a descendant of the Ben Ish Chai. Take that how you want.


Apparently your wrong. Rabbi Yisroel Belsky has attractions for young boys as well as for women. Remenber it was Rabbi Yisroel Belsky that permitted Yidi Kolko to molest the boys at Camp Aguda in the early seventys. He knew exactly what was happening and enjoyed every moment of it. Had he been a normal person he would have repeated over the complaints that he received from the molested campers to the bosses in the camp and had Kolko fired. Regretfully, itmust have aroused him listening to all the details of the poor victims, and did nothing.


A very interesting person indeed! Thanks for sharing and keep em coming! Have a nice day. :)


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