Wednesday, May 09, 2007

A tank in the streets, fighting for the Jewish soul

A few seconds before the vehicle turns the corner of Rush and Oak streets in the heart of the ritzy Gold Coast, the unsuspecting pedestrian hears loud music. But this isn't the thumping bass one usually hears.

It's Hasidic music. From the Mitzvah Tank.

Two young men are let out on the corner. The boys are dressed in black or dark gray – black felt fedoras, black suits, white shirts—traditional Hasidic garb.

Every Friday, the 70 students of the all-male Jewish high school, Lubavitch Misivta of Chicago, located in West Rogers Park, venture to different parts of the city, including Highland Park, Skokie, the Loop and the Gold Coast.

Their mission?

It may seem like proselytizing, but it's not. They are only bringing their religion to fellow Jews. Along with several teachers’ assistants, Rafie Andrusier, 20, or Yossi Bendet, 20, the all-male students go out in pairs to help Jews connect to their religion through a campaign they call “Mitzvah on the spot for people on the go,” Andrusier said.

And although they do not try to convert non-Jews, they are open to speaking to anyone.


Seems there's one Chabad article you "missed" --- about Berel Lazar and Chabad's abuses in the FSU.


proselytizing at its best


They pollute my neighborhood. when I needed their mikvah to convert a grandchild, they refused. They are a bunch of hypocrites.


To 9:34am
dont be jealous of Lazar cus you are a nothing and he is a something.

To 12:25
You are just plain stupid!

To 12:43
You were converting your grandchild? Shouldnt this be done by a competent orthodox Rabbi. The only reason i can fathom that they would let you use the Mikveh is because it was not a proper Conversion.

I am sure if you were to use a proper Rabbi, they wouldnt have a problem...

Dont have hate towards people who want to preserve Torah and not let people reform Torah.


They look like nice Yeshiva bochurim to me. While we don't all agree with how Lubavitch conducts itself, what is wrong with teaching unaffiliated Jewish youth about their heritage?(As long as they don't talk about who they think Moshiach is). No one is topping other Jews from trying to do the same thing, so if you don't want Lubavitch to get those kids, then you gotta organize a different group to go and do it.


from what i understand this is the mesivta of chicago which is known as the top chabad mesivta and very anti-moshiachists (aka pro-rebbe)


I love reading the negative comments about chabad by the same people that travel to all ends of the world for whatever reason, and when they need kosher food, mikva, minyan or a shabbos place to stay, are quick to call the local chabad shaliach.


Dont make fun of Lubavitch---its the closest religion to Judaism there is!!!


remember the rebbe and the chassidim are people that are go our and get it pragmatic most people want the world and moshiach to come by being self righteous and judging i want to see any of u try to go out up to a stranger and tell him and ooze to him and effuse why u think another jew should put on the teffilin or goto a torah class soo remember the rest of the frum world is always 40 yrs behind chabad wether in tech or in philosophy ive already heard of a "neshama ambulance" with clean shaven boys putting on teffilin on people soo much for all ure nonesense


Baruch Hashem for Lubavitchers


From putting on teffilin with jews on the streets to helping out ANY jew (frum or not) at chabad houses across the globe with meals and minyanim and mikvas and so much more chabad is doing amazing work.


This is a big kiddush hashem, thank you chabad for all the good work you do all around the world.


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