Friday, May 04, 2007

Tzedaka organization raises money by selling Pollard money order

The Family Fund charity organization is raising money by selling on eBay a ten dollar money order sent to them as a donation by prisoner Jonathan Pollard.

Item Description

Own a piece of history from Jonathan Pollard

You can own a piece of collectible history and at the same time donate to a wonderful charity, Jonathan Pollard has sent in a $10 legal jail money order (about 40 hours work!), As a donation to this organization that is raising money to rebuild homes for 7 families who lost there homes to a fast moving devastating fire, this small community didnt think that such a famous person will contribute from his jail cell in Bunter NC. you can see in detail from the picture where it was mailed from and the check is coming from the Dept of Justice, he mailed this in response to an article in the Hamodia newspaper.

Winner will receive the actual money order and envelope as in the picture

Full proceeds of this auction will go to the Family fund

Tax deductible Check or money order should be made out to the Family fund

Link to the eBay auction

Jonathan and Esther Pollard sent the following messsage to the seller on Ebay.

Message of Dismay from Jonathan Pollard transmitted via Esther Pollard c/o Justin

Re EBAY Auction of Item: "Piece of history Jonathan Pollard $10 Jail money order (250110347441)"

To The Person/s who are auctioning Jonathan Pollard's Donation Check:

Jonathan asked me to let you know that what you are doing by auctioning off his check is outrageous. It was very presumptuous of you to put his donation up for sale, especially without first asking his permission. Nothing good will come of what you are doing, because it is wrong, and it is hurtful. You should remove the check from sale, and do some soul searching. Perhaps then you may understand how you have wronged Jonathan and ask for Mechilla. Your intention may have been for good, but what an under-handed, mean-spirited disgusting way to go about it, to exploit another Jew, one who is in a life-threatening position to begin with. Shame!
Esther Pollard


Just another reason not to donate to these scam artists masquerading as charities...


Is there any way to confirm the authenticity of the previous post, and the letter sent by Mrs. Pollard?
I would like to bid for this auction, but not if the Pollards are against it.

Thank You


Why should he be upset? The gemorah says that raising money for charity is a bigger zchut then giving. He thought he was getting a huge mitvah for giving $10 out of his limited resources. Imagine how much of a bigger mitva he gets for raising a larger sum by having his money order auctioned off. This should be a achut for him and he should be relased bcorev


Yes it is true Esther pollard Did write the Comment,


Well, they just cancelled the auction. I guess the letter is authentic, and the seller had a change of heart. Good for them!


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