Monday, May 21, 2007

What's up with Glatt Diner

After being open only a few short weeks, Glatt Diner (formerly Miller's Diner, the choo-choo train restaurant) has had their doors shut for over two weeks now. A sign on the door says that this is due to a fire that took place at the diner. What's going on there? I've seen Bobov put up an entire parking lot quicker than this.

going to reopen bigger and better he had the best food in town


I do not think a persons personal problems should be our disscussion


Simple. He had a kitchen fire. The insurance company will not let him open until they complete their assessment. They are dragging their feet.
The owner is suffering immensely because of it. When he reopens, (hopefully with a better menu), let's all patronize him.


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