Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Williamsburg Couple Sentenced For Medicaid Fraud

A couple from Williamsburg was sentenced yesterday in Brooklyn Criminal Court after pleading guilty to Medicaid fraud.

Judge William Garnett ordered that they pay full restitution of the stolen funds. In addition, each of them must pay a $1,000 fine and perform 150 hours of community service.

Mennashe Lowin and his wife Chana, both 34, were arrested in Brooklyn on Jan. 4 and charged with welfare fraud and grand larceny, for stealing Medicaid benefits.

Welfare investigators found that the couple lied to the city when they applied for and collected Medicaid benefits worth $10,865, reporting that their only income or resource was $1,000 a week earned by Mennashe Lowin at Majestic & Yom Tov Products, Inc.

In fact, Mennashe Lowin was making more money at his job. The couple also owned a second home in Sullivan County that they failed to mention, and earned income from a Brooklyn rental property at 159 South 8th St.

Assistant Counsel Joseph Burruano prosecuted the case for the welfare inspector general’s office as a special assistant attorney general. Investigator Ismael Zayas investigated the case.


loshen hora - you could have told the story without the full name !!!

shame on you


Why Loshen Hora?, Is taking Medical Benefits from the Government when you can pay insurance Legal?


where did you learn hilches loshon hora / since when are you allowed to speak even the truth ( even on bad things )

mr 2.34


To all those of you who so freely smear other yidden anonymously online, remember, there is no such thing as anonymous when you stand before the heavenly throne and receive true judgement. Have this in mind, one word of loshon hara that leaves your lips is worse lehavdel then eating treif. It is shocking how people will so freely attempt to ruin peoples lives and not care about it. There is no Teshuva for this other then asking mechila form those you spoke evil about. Are you prepared to do that?? GO ORDER A PORK SANDWICH!! You cant even comprehend doing such a thing yet you will do much worse on a daily basis. At least for that you can ask Hashem for forgiveness.


To Anonymous 12:03 AM,
It is shocking how people will so freely attempt to ruin peoples lives and not care about it.

"people" aren't ruining "peoples" lives. Menashe and Chana Lowin ruined their own lives. If they were living like yidden are supposed to - not stealing, conniving or swindling the programs, they wouldn't be in the predicament and noone would be "ruining their lives" as you say. The did the crime, they need to do the time. How can you teach your kids that we were chosen by Hashem as His people, yet we steal like anyone running the streets. The problem is not other people talking about it - the problem is the Lowins doing it.


Loshon Harah doesn;t always apply to truth that has already been made public.

If even one person learns from this to live like a Yid and not steal it wouldv worth it.


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