Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Assemblyman Dov Hikind endorses Noach Dear for Civil Court Judge

Just trying to figure out your mind (if you have one) whom do you dislike more Dov or Noach?


I was OK with Dov, until he backed Noach for no good reason (that he is willing to share). We can all use our imagination of smoke filled back room politics, with Dov getting payola or a deal of some kind.


he is a bum and this proved it


Sad, we THOUGHT Dov was better.


And who do you expect will buy Hikind's kids houses?


I am not too familiar with the local politics. I am wondering how does Simcha Felder come in, with whom is Smicha aligned?

Also I thought that Noah will run for his old seat that will get vacated by Simcha’s term limits. What’s the roomer, who is preparing to rung for Simcha’s counsel seat?

I think many of the readers here would appreciate a good and open summary of the local political camps.


Noach Dear indorsed the shooting and killing of Gideon Bush.

years earlier he endorsed the riots in Crown Heights.

I mind as well vote for Al Sharpton, cause he is not as much a two facer. PASS THIS ON


Simcha is gearing to run for NYC Comptroller in 2009, when he is term-limited from the Council. Dov is tired of Albany and is planning to run for Simch's open seat in 2009 (and will win). If Simcha loses the Comptroller's race, he runs for Dov's Assembly seat. If Simcha wins the Comptroller race, then Simcha's chief of staff runs for Assembly. The Noach endorsement was done to clear the way for Dov and Simcha in 2009.


Simcha can't run for Hikinds seat because Simcha doesn't leave in Hikinds disrict.

I think Dov's reason for supporting Dear for Judge is to get Dear out of the picture for the upcoming City Council race.

Dov isn't Stupid!!!


You think Dov is smart? By revealing himself, he began to dig his own grave. What a sellout because of money and ambition. His Father (and the one in Heaven) must be cringing. That's what has become of him. A big talker about morals and Mentschlichkeit.


Dov is making a HUGE mistake backing a loser. The SHMUTZ that Noach is might very well contaminate Dov by mere association and having offices near eachother. Oh my gosh!!! That's really bad. What's interesting, they always hated eachother. I thought better of Dov. You might turn out to be a major disappointment to your community.


I guess politics makes strange bedfellows. Certainly being honest is not a criteria of either of these two gentlemen in making decisions.


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