Thursday, June 07, 2007

G & G Clothing enjoys waking people

Apparently G & G clothing enjoys waking people at night. Their automated phone advertising service was still calling people at 12 AM. Call G & G and let them know that you are outraged by this practice.

Their number is: (718) 871-7841

The number of their advertising service is: (718) 569-2208

they called me at 12:20 AM



You do have to take this nonsense.
Put your phone number on the do not call list. If you still get called,
report it the FCC. Each phone call is $11,000 in fines.
The Kosher Gym was the same nonsense.



These are arrogant people with major attitude. If you were there, you know.


Before you told lashon hara about this company, did you call them to confirm whether they even knew that the ad company might call so late. Before you interrupted a work day for a calling company by posting their number under your rant, did you even ask whether perhaps it was an error??


are they that desperate for business??


Anon 2:03 PM Maybe these stores should check that the telemarketing companies DO NOT make calls at innapropiate times!! Who has the chutzpah & why is it loshon hora for people to be upset about it!?!?!


To 11:04 pm. most probably it is loshon horoh, because its on THIS WEBSITE. Although to his credit at least chaptzem let this comment thru.


If the telemarketer is from India, as many are, they should be taught the time zone difference. Holy cow, how can someone be so obtuse


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