Saturday, June 02, 2007

How to catch a Jew

i always thought football was a jewish game, we tried to get the quarter back.


Same thing happened to me, but with a dollar bill.


chaptzem if you even are a yid why do you post this grabage




ST U P I D !


at least we have been upgraded to quarters;
in our day the joke was about us chasing a penny.


It is true. Jews are money-grubbing Chritian fiends.


change hedding and write how to catch a muslem or homeless or your son[not mine]. what does this vedeo in commen with catching a jew?


sad but true...only change it for a penny hahaha


As the jew in this movie, I have to say that the overall message of this film was to express the absurdity of stereotypes! I still find this video hilarious


Bored, dumb high school kids....
i love the way "chaptzem" posts these seemingly anti-Semitic\ videos, as if there’s some global conspiracy against Jews.
ill tell you this, you find yourself in traffic and a black guy cuts you off, you then find yourself cursing out the whole Shvartze "race". dose this mean you hate all black people??!!
i would also like to point out, that the way liberal Jews (which is the VAST majority of Jews in America) behave ie being at the forefront of same sex marriage, pro choice etc which is in complete contrast to mainstream tradition al/family value, Christian America, i would think that this would call for prugrum.


Q. Firestone's biggest Jewish competitor?
A. Firestein. Not only does he stop on a dime, he picks it up.

Q. Why do Jews have big noses?
A. Air is free.

Q. Why did the Jews wander in the midbar for 40 years?
A. Someone lost a penny?


Where is the jew? I didn't see no jew in the movie.


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