Wednesday, June 13, 2007

MBD in Cheirim

You're such a wonderful person, you don't want to go to court.

who took him to a din torah? which BD"TZ is this? do tell more, inquiring minds want to know


First, halevai it was as simple as you make it sound. This dispute has been in bes din forever and the tzad shekeneged are low lifes. They have blackmailed MBD for the last 4-5 years. take my word for it; i dont want to go inti details. Second, I do not imply that MBD is a bigger tzadik than most people, but he not worse.


That's some pretty harsh wording. Who is this Beis Din run by and why was MBD called to it?


how Come there are no signatures??
whose bais din is it???


Why didn't we see a posting of a Seruv against the other "Holy" Rabbi's that went to court? Or maybe the Bais Dins didn't give one? Hard to believe!


on hydepark this issue was discussed already this is old things i saw that his toan responded very harshley against the beis din for not following halacha that you go to the nitvahs beisdin


Pretty strong languare re: Goyishe courts. Do they know this din in Bobov Satmar and Chabad? Well, Chabad is no shaila bot whatever. It says we can't stand in his 4 amos etc..., but can we play his music? The way klal Yisroel is today it'll be a true miracle when Moshiach comes.


i heard he was caught eating strawberries.


Why is this very simple Yid worse than the not-so-Grand Rabbes who run to goyishe courts when they want a piece of real estate from their brother or soem old books (many of them by Marx, Sholem Aleichem and the like) from their own nephew? maybe MBD just had great teachers. After all, if you attend their tish or drunken birthdays, eat their kishke crumbs, and wait for hours for a buck, why can't you follow them to an African American judge to rule according to the law of the land? Or maybe I am just tired of all the senseless machlokes between various Chassidic sects that make sure they won't be missed when they dissolve into oblivion to the thundering chorus of Didan Nofach


Bu** S***
Where the letters from his Toyan Rabbi Fried, Letter from the Amercain Bais Din?

Stop posting half stories.

Gal Paz are a bunch of Ganovim. They made a MBD & Avram Fried collection and are selling it in Israel for 60 Shekel. They never got permission from any one to copy and sell cd's.

Everyone thats realy woried should boycott Gal Paz till they show up to din torah here in the US (Boro PArk).

More to come......


The letter is dated 22nd Iyar


These posters were plastered in Yerushalayim a MONTH ago. Since then the Streets have seen a letter from the American Beis Din saying MBD is in the clear. It's not fair to post a half story. I heard the story over and over again. The Gal Paz people are low-life, heavy heanded, scum. I don't know MBD froma hole in the wall, but something is very fishy.


rav yecheskal roth shlita kalesburger rov posted sighns is israel against this bais din and wrote that mbd is right and they should come here and go to bais din like a mench or go to a bais din in ea thats normal


It is sad that one Bais Din doesn't recognize the standing of another. What is lekatchila to one Posek is a Deoraysa to another. We DO need Moshiach desperately.


TO June 13, 9:15 am,(#2) who are you??? why do you even bother to write?


i know mbd as hes played by family simchas. hes a wonderful ehrlich kind and gentle person who goes out of his way to be michazik people and uses his celbrity status to uplift lev nidchaim. im not mikabel the lashon hara against this fine yid


If you aren't mekabel Loshon Horah, perhaps you shouldn't be reading any posts on this site, unless, of course, you want to read Loshon Horah WITHOUT being mekabel it. Please, do share how you manage to do that, and WHY???


Please white out MBD's identifying details. You are putting a good and ehrlich Yid at risk for identity theft. Yenne medine is full of hackers who can read that seruv and can use some of that info to wreak havoc on MBD's life.


It is time that Bais Din started playing by the rules. Bais din itself often has an agenda, and does not listen to both sides before it issues letters. Also, bais Din has become a Court of last resort. When You lose in State Court, Appeal and then go to Bais din, saying, I DO TSHUVA, now that I lost in court, lets go to bais din. This is Wrong.


any bored soul could have typed that up!


They had been thinking of a cheirem for yeedle, his son, not him.


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