Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The mensches for the job

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, a blonde in an electric blue suit, stood out in a sea of black yarmulkes.

"Israel may be on the front lines," she said. "It faces a common threat to our traditions, our values, our beliefs, and it should be our common cause."

Clearly, the candidate knows her audience.

She wasn't the only one. Eight senators, two of them presidential candidates, addressed an audience of 90 Orthodox Jews who were enjoying a kosher lunch and some politics in the Hart Senate Office Building last week.

Every speaker bent over backward to proclaim his or her support for Israel, and most also stressed the growing threat from Iran.

For a group representing just 10 percent of an estimated 5.3 million Jews in the United States, the Orthodox Union attracts an interesting mix of political players. After saying afternoon prayers, the union met with White House spokesman Tony Snow.The night before, its members ate dinner with Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito.

The union's members were no schleppers, either.

The audience included high-profile Orthodox Jewish advocates including Howard Friedman, the first Orthodox president of the powerful American Israel Public Affairs Committee, Rabbinical Council of America President Rabbi Shlomo Hochberg and Allen Fagin, managing partner of Proskauer Rose, one of the biggest law firms in the country.


The following comment was left at the site the article appears in

The audacity of Israel and these so called "Senators" groveling before representatives of a Foreign power that use American money, blood and reputation to fulfill Jewish designs on World Domination. I am an American, and I RESENT this VERY VERY MUCH. They allow Israeli agents and Israeli dual citizenshiper holding people, in the form of the NEO CONS to write American foreign policy that in turn is used to Genocide the non Jews of the world, and especially at the moment, the Middle East. So you think the whole world was made only for the Jews and the Torah? Guess again. Ever wonder why Jews have been kicked out of nearly every place they've ever gained much power. You're looking at it right now. It's because of the hideous treatment they dish out upon non Jews. We've had enough. We're taking America back!!!


was this commnet from Der Stuermer of 1938 or more recent?


Just remeber, Yideen- Hillary RodHAM Clinton is not kosher. She is pure treif, an anti-semite bitch who hates Jews and kissed Arafat's wife on the cheek, classified the defenders of the Jewish people as terrorists and won't pardon Jonathan Pollard. Its very hot where she is going.


Billary is worse than her trailor park hubby, who openly breaks promises, lies like there is no tomorrow, and would walk on any amount of coprses to achieve her goals. Now, aside from the fools in NY state who voted for her, and from a little group of chassidim who needed to be pardoned, why would any sane Jew vote for that trash?


is she a machsheifa or stam a klafte? the jury is still out


Of course she kissed Mrs. Arafat, what would any woman who went to a uhm, all women's college :) do?


Let us not forget that Shrillary Rotten Clinton embraced and kisses Sewer (Suha) Arafat after she made a speach accussing Israel of poisoning the water of Gaza and infecting the foods we sent to Gaza with Aids .
Let us not forget that wherever Shrillary goes B.J. Bill Jefferson Clinton will follow, B.J Bill Jefferson Clinton who reneged on his promise to free Pollard and yet pressured Bibi to give up Chevron!


Hill Billy could have left a decent presidential legacy, but he BLEW it


Why would any decent frumeh Yid support anyone but Rudy for President?


Rafael V. Rabinovich said...
Why would any decent frumeh Yid support anyone but Rudy for President?

Of course. Rudy is the best man to protect us if our country is ever invaded by squegee men.

P.S. The Youtube website has a nice video of Rudy running around in a dress (and it's really him).


She also put Rabbi Meir Kahane, zt"l, HY"D, and our Jewish Defense League/ Kach- Kahane Chai movements on the FBI terrorist list, while neglecting to annihilate the true terrorist threat, the Arab Muslim Nazi predator scum, yimachem shemam.


Why is there no mention of the fact that Rabbi Yisroel Belsky was there for the OU and shook hands with Hillary and Mrs Belsky kissed her? When asked about negiah with a goyta, Rabbi Belsky said it doesnt apply to esha chashuva. Surprised no one made an issue over this chutzpa


HILLARY stole $360,000 worth of furniture from the White House, when they left. She can steal more then any Satmere chusid can, thats why they love her.As for mr hitler, who wrote the first comment, let me remind him jews killed no one especially a stupid goy like him, we are the most peacefull people on earth


About shaking hands with a woman, the Halacha does indeed specify an Isha Chashuva as a permissible act of Negiya, since this is done solely out of respect, and there is no chance of a romantic overtone in the action. Look up some teshuvos from the time of the Rishonim about kissing a queen's hand, it's a bit more than shaking one. Now, talking of Chutzpa, an Am Hooretz who wonders why nobody made an issue probably missed this halacha when taught by his Malach, and obviously has never seen it since. So, whoever you may be, once again, in this case ONE MAY SHAKE A WOMAN'S HAND, even if she doesnt' lithp, and doesn't shave her head, namely a GOYA, chas vechulent. So, set aside your frum nonsense and open a Shulchan Oruch for change, quickly followed by Shemiras Haloshon, lest you make a fool of yourself yet again, and possibly forfeit your little Chelek upstairs for debasing a Godol. Chutzpa, eh?


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