Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Anti-Semitism or major coincidence

The Sullivan County Sheriff’s Department has been very busy this year. They apparently spent all winter long figuring out ways how to make it extra difficult for the Heimishe oilem in the mountains.

For instance, all large Yiddishe bungalow colonies now have brand new ‘No Parking Any Time’ signs posted all along the property line. While a couple of yards further, where the colony property ends, parking is allowed. Is there any reason why parking should not be allowed on the grass on the side of the road in front of these colonies? Why has this major inconvenience conveniently been imposed onto the Yiddishe colonies only?

Furthermore, while the usual speed limit in the mountains, outside of village limits, is 45 miles per hour, brand new 30 mile per hour signs have been erected in most of the predominantly Yiddishe areas. Why has the speed limit been lowered in these areas? Could it be to cram more tickets into the too short summer ticketing season?

Also, if you’ve taken a good look lately you’ve probably realized the new tactic that the all-year country dwellers are using to help point out the summer residents. In an organized effort, the all-year residents have been getting themselves specific vanity license plates that uniquely identify them as country dwellers. These plates either have the letters SU (for Sullivan), or SC (for Sullivan County), or MO (for Mountains) on them, followed by a two, three or four digit number. This way a Police Officer can identify a country dweller that may have done something wrong, and then decide at his own discretion whether he wants to pull them over for it or not.

These are the facts, now you decide on your own, anti-Semitism or major coincidence?

Have you ever thought of safety being the major issue?? How many accidents have happened in the catskills in the last number of years due to SPEEDING!!!! The people living up there are used to the winding roads etc.. The parking is also a safety issue. It is hard enough to have 2 cars going opposite directions on one road at the same time. Can you imagine what would happen if there were parked cars there as well?????? Not everything up there is ANTI-SEMITISM!!!!


There are those people who breathe anti-semitism in the weather reports, you seem to fit into that catagory. Did you attend any meetings of the Sullivan County councils, or read the notes of what was discussed and why changes were made? Sounds to me that very little research was made except,,,let's start to ROCK!!!!!


let's say your correct with your allegations how about if we use this tactic against them? Should you come across a vehicle with those plates cut'em off nasty - really nasty! It would also make it easier to identify stranded heimishe people in need of help! I say encourage this trend tell your country neighbors to get those plates and show their true love for the country and then it will be easier on all of us slowing down to help our brothers in need! As to the speed limit I believe it is for our safty!


I sure hope it is anti-semitism. Time to get the Yidden out of golus once and for all (yes, the Mountains is golus). If they won't go to Eretz Yisroel out of want, then it'll be out of need. How many years have the Yidden been doing well in America? 100 years already? Time to read the Meshech Chochmo on Bechukosai (Lo Meostim). WAKE UP!!!!!


This is the first time I am visiting this site, and this is the most blatantly biased article I have read in a long, long while. What is wrong with drivong 30mph? It would do people a world of good to SLOW down! As well, why should one immediately assume that a license plate change is just to harass the Jews?! This was the most ridiculous form of conjecture I have seen.




aside for the vanity plates i wouldn't be surprised if the yiddishe activists requested it. no parking in front of colonies means no kids running from between cars and chas vesholom....

slower speed limits near the colonies can save lives.

its better to be "yankel late" than "the late yankel"


When i lived in Monsey, most license platers in rockland County started with RO, RC or RK. Do you think the goyim were targeting the Jews? Lighten up.


MO = MOnticello


listen up! since friday morning when i read this article i drove around between monticello, fallsburg, woodridge and woodbourn i sew only one suv with the mentioned plate check out some facts before you post this


i propose all "summer country" dwellers be forced to adorn their cars and clothes with a yellow star. this way in case the beard and peyes arent a dead give away the cops will be able to spot them.


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