Sunday, July 15, 2007

Lakewood woman rips into Town Appliance for advertising a home theater

it seems like the oilem in lakewood really overestimate their importance.
if you don't want to buy it don't buy it.
she does not seem to understand that it was a mass-mailing, not a personal letter. get help soon.


This is unfair - This lady is speaking perfectly aidel and has a 100% right to call and voice this opinion which is the opinion of most of Lakewood. To record her and post it on the internet is stam yent of the worst sort. I don't know what you're thinking - These are not mass mailings - they are targeted to the yeshivish oilam and no thanks, we don't want it.


it is amazing how the wonderful rabbis of Lakewood, Flatbush, Monsey and Boro Park have brainwashed the masses to disdain and refrain from television, movies and internet and to be busy learning about lashon hora all day, yet they find it muttar to be crooked in their dealings... don't forget about protecting child molesters...


You all missed the point. Who is watching chasunahs? It is the three weeks, and this entertainment system is for the oilem who wishes to watch Rabbi's Frand, Kaminetsky and Paysach Krohn talk about Tisha Bav. Maybe people want to review how to check lettuce properly on video? Get with the program. It is the year 2007 and everyone is getting ready to watch the Tisha Bav video.


Howcum the electronic device is called a "television" when you are watching it in your home, but that same electronic device is called a "monitor" when the shul rav uses it in the shul to present the video of Rabbi Frand or Rabbi Krohn?


its a chutzpa from this store to give out this private phone call

it might even be ileagel


I think the backlash the store will get for giving out the message, will be worse than those calling for a boycott because of an ad for a TV.

Releasing such a message is truly disgusting.


its a fake tape! its all made up! i know the person who did it!!!


but its a cute video


It should be ILLEGAL for some you to write comments on this blog without knowing how to spell.

Anon 1:54 PM ....You are 100% right!!


are you sure she isn't the new spokesperson for the Taliban?


Maybe the phone call is made up :). I can record my own, maybe I should post one. Any way to know this even happened?


We should make a sequel featuring her reaction to a call saying that she just won a free three year subscription to Blockbusters.

And by the way, spellcheck is now a standard freature of firefox, so for the love of uncle sam USE IT!!! (Unless you don't have firefox because you couldn't figure out how to spell the URL)


It is really irrelevant and immaterial whether the recording is real of staged. It represents the mindset of many narrow-minded lakewood residents. (oops, was that a redundancy?) Are they insulted that TA thought they might be interested in purchasing a home theater system? or are they just so naive that they do not realize that there are people in lakewood who have home theaters? Additionally, there are people who spend thousands of dollars on audio systems in their dens and living rooms to listen to Jewish music or what have you. There is no reason to feel so hurt ("shocked and horrified") by a mass mailing that was mailed out to all of TA's customers, of which obviously some DO purchase home theaters. (they wouldn't be offering them for sale if no one was buying them.) Why don't we save our breath and outrages for more constructive ideas. You know what I mean.


Instead of blogging, see you tomorrow 7/16 at 1st avenue and 47th street to say tehillim and protest that 3 kidnapped soldiers from Israel are still in captivity one year later. See you there, or else watch it on your home theater later in the day.


Personally knowing the owners of Town Appliance, I do not believe that they "leake" their voicemail messages. They are above that, both morally and in maturity. Please don't hold this against them.


i know the owner of town appliance. great guy & great prices too!!!

Even if the audio is real, he would have never leaked it. it's a pretty big operation with quite a few employees.

Secondly, he's smart enough not too market TV to lakewood families. i would be very surprised if he even has a tv himself. As a long time customer of his I didn't even know he carryed TVs. If this story is true, he obviosly was marketing the TVs for non-lakewooders and somehow this yenta was on the wrong mailing list or something.

Rabboisai I have nothing to do with town appliances in lakewood. buf if you want great service at a great price shop town appliance. you won't regret it. you don't have to live in lakewood. He delivers all over Next Day.


Get a life and be a normal person. Get a TV. I promise...you won't go to Hell.


I wonder if this lady would be so upset if Lipa Margulius and Yeshiva Torah Temmima had a parlor meeting at her neighbors house. I don't think so.


The YouTube video post may be new but, the audio is Months old.
I remember getting the clip e-mailed to me back in January. Someone with way too much free time went trough the trouble of creating the video to go with the audio. Although it MIGHT be a fake, It could very easily be a true (& pathetic at that) call.


great advertising will shop there soon


Hmm! Remember the Lakewood Chines Auction Booklet we all got a couple of years ago which was sickeningly full of the most gashmius ever imaginable? How many tens of thousands of dollars it cost and then they had to scrap everything because the "frei" normal people pointed out what hypocrites they were. well, they are still hypocrites.


blah blah blah


This voicemail is real. I know because my mother is the one who left it.


Wow get a rip you have access to the heiligah INTERNET but no problem with a tv oy yoy yoy what are we going to do...... Get a life and learn that it is ok to throw something in the garbage if you dont want it its bad enough a frum guy lost a 1$ sending you a advertisement - and what makes lakewood different than any yid anywhere else in the world - is your smell different - i know what community that lost my business and my childrens as well.


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