Friday, July 20, 2007

NYPD puts up a SkyWatch unit in Boro-Park

The NYPD put up a SkyWatch neighborhood monitoring unit on 16th Avenue and 50th Street to help keep an eye on the area and hopefully prevent further crime in the neighborhood. The unit extends to about twenty feet high and is equipped with night-vision cameras. Now if only we could know for sure if there really is a Cop in there.

What does this do that a regular patrol does not does the height do anything?


Oy, they’re parked in a bus stop- I hope Jimmy Justice will issue the $115 tickets. What are they watching out for, geneivah at Mittlemans and Bochners? Pedophiles stupid enough to take a kid on 16th Ave?


there was a skywatch placed on 60th street corner 17th avenue as well.


great more traffic on an already congested block


I think the point is that ppl who are dangeros know that security has been upped. n-t to do with where the cops are stationed.


Since it'll never be in use anyway, the NYPD might as well offset their costs by adding an automatic turnstyle to charge the cackalech a quarter for a ride up.


there is also a skywatch across from naviminsk on17av and 60th street and also on 18th av. and 52nd there is a comand post. thay are looking for who? thay don't know thay just know a black van the guy could have painted it


It's all for show. You can put up 100 of those things around BP and you would never catch this "white male in a black sedan" unless he turns himself in. Eh, whatever.


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