Sunday, July 08, 2007

Rubbing out all evil

The sign originally had a 'www.' before the store's name and a '.com' after the name, until some kinoyim took care of it in typical Williamsburg fashion with some 'Jewfitti'.

Wow this pic was edited on the computer stop your anti willi jihading


mamesh a oiftee far gots veigen!


It was likely erased because the URL www.cafewonder.com does not exist.


i hope they catch the hoodlums that did and hang them by thier gartel and payos for all to see


It is http://www.cafeworder.com


check out their "Testimonials." So fake!


This dosen't symbolise the williamsburg people. These are a handful of unemployed people who live in Williamsburg, who spend their entire time thinking of holy mischief.


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