Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Moishe Rabbeini was a Satmare and wore a Platchige Biberhat

Who let this nut out without his meds?


Doesn't minkatch also wear a platchiker beebir hit?


The issue is not whether a biberhit is platchik. It's whether der kopp is platchik.


This *has* to be theater of the absurd. It's really scary to think that anyone *actually* thinks this way.

The Wolf


i wouldnt let my DOG next to this NUT JOB


I think the only thing he proved is that "Vayiftach H' es pi ha-asson" was a satmerer chussid.


I love this guy! Best laugh I had all day. Something tells me this guy is a good at learning Gemara.


Also, this movie is a joke. If you read the description on youtube it says:

The Yeshiva Bochur fetured in this motion picture has a friend who was at a Satmar Mikveh and heard in Yiddish a Father say to his son:

"What do you mean you don't want a Plotche bibur (Flat frizbee-like hat)?!!! Moshe Rubbeini wore a Plotche bibur!!! How tall was the Mishkan (Tabernacle)? 10 Amos! How tall was Moshe? 10 Amos!! So if he was as tall as the mishkan, he had to wear a plotche bibur!"

So from this we made a movie, going further than anyone before. (more) (less)


All I hear is "vat, vat"


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