Saturday, September 15, 2007

66th Precinct Police harasses Hasidim

As if it were too much to ask to have some extra Police protection in the Yiddishe Boro-Park neighborhood over Rosh Hashanah without getting harassed because of it. While patrolling the streets in Boro-Park, Police Officers from the 66th Precinct made it their business to make sure that the empty gutters stayed empty. Since the streets are almost completely empty on Shabbos and Yom Tov in Boro-Park, it has become a common practice that Chasidim with their large families walk in the gutter as not to block the entire street. However this Yom Tov Police were patrolling the streets and making sure to chase the Chasidim off the gutters and onto the sidewalk. "Hey, get off the street! Get onto the sidewalk!", was shouted at Chasidim from the Police loudspeakers. It makes you wonder if it's really worth having them patrol the neighborhood.

This is a huge problem. how can you even begin to criticize the police here. you are angry because they are doing their jobs and enforcing the law?

you cant decide which laws to keep and which to break based on your convenience.


ture it is vary dangers i saw it for mayself this yom tov a family of 6 walking on 50th street between 11 and ft. hamilton about 10:pm its vary dangers at least but on reflacters


If someone was hit by a car while
walking in th street. Who is to
blame? The person walking in the street is to blame.
Use the sidewalks at all times.
This law is for all to obey.
If someone was ever hit while
walking in the street. I believe that many in the community would
be yelling that the police are
not enforcing the law and thus
a accident resulted/


If a fool is critisized for going about his folly, does that make the critic an antisemite? These same people walk in the street from Monday through Friday, endangering their own lives, as well as the safety of the drivers, who must make sudden stops to avoid hitting the "Gutter public". So, we alll hate when it is done so commonly during the week, but defend them on Yom Tov? How very silly.


Now, while one may agree with the 11:41 post if it were in English, or in Yiddish, how can one be sure that the poster can read the rest of traffic signs intended to stop various "dangers" behaviors? Maybe it is also time to "reflact" on our public's ability to communicate?


sorry to say but this place, particulary boro park, is ridiculous. the police are doing their job, they go the extra mile to be sensitive to our 'extreme cultural beliefs' and they get bashed by non grateful people. how dare to complain.


I agree with Mr. Chaptzem the 66th have the easiest job out of any precint in the country and they do a crap job


It is a chillul hashem to walk in the street. The sidewalk is made for walking. The street is made for vehicles. the only part of the street that it is legal to walk in is the crosswalks. Technically, those cops could have given each one of those chassidim a ticket. They should be happy they were just directed onto the sidewalk.This is not some bungalow colony.Fines for walking in the street could go upwards of $50.00 so instead of bashing the police, thank them for not giving you a ticket and maybe saving your life.


and maybe if they weren't so busy with shtussim and would have spent their dear time patrolling our neighborhood we would not have had this tragic story of a woman being shot dead by her boyfriend on 62nd street this Yom Tuv..............


Why not bash the physician who tells you to lose 60 pounds and save your Kishka-laden heart? How about those antisemitic fire inspectors who prohibit a basement playgroup when there is no exit? Care to critisize the pilot who told you to stay in your seat during turbulence?
Go ahead, take on G-d A-mighty Himself for insisting on a Maaka around your hut's roof, lest you fall, end up chewing on multiple tubes while in traction, and communicate with Him directly in a comatose state.


To Anon 10:14 AM

How in the world would cops patrolling the STREETS prevent a domestic shooting in a HOUSE?


You really are a fool! This is among the dumbest posts yet on this blog...and that is saying a lot! Because it's a holiday people should be allowed to walk on the streets as they please? The community in BP should realize that it is in fact a PUBLIC street that they do not have exclusive rights to. There are in fact motorists on the streets despite the holidays. It is the community members lives being put at risk not the motorists. It is for your own safety!


Zevi, posting earlier is correct. The blatant disregard for the law in Borough Park is indeed a Chilul HaShem.

Traffic laws are not suggestions.

Anyone remember this phrase? "Dinei d'malchusa K'dina."

Yes, even in Borough Park.


I have noticed that it is a new fad by the very Frum people to walk on the gutter not on the sidewalk..Well,they should know that it is very dangerous and walk on the sidewalk like everyone else does and the police have all the right to get them off the gutters...Chaptzem you have brought out a very good point...


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