Monday, September 24, 2007

Bobov discovers democracy

This is an election in every sense of the word. There is a voter's registry with a list of those eligible to vote; voters must present valid identification; the contenders are waging a fierce campaign; and the tension between the opposing camps is palpable. What makes this election unprecedented is the identity of the contenders: This election will determine which of two rabbinic leaders of the Bobov Hasidic sect has the most support among Bobov Hasidim.

The elections, which began about a week ago and are expected to continue for another few days, were forced on Bobov Hasidim by a rabbinic court in response to a suit brought by several followers of Rabbi Unger against Rabbi Ben Zion Halberstam. In accordance with Jewish law, rabbinic judges were chosen by mutual consent to determine which of the two rabbis would bear the exclusive title of Admor of Bobov, or leader of the sect.

In order to prevent members of other Hasidic sects from voting, election organizers established a registry of eligible voters. "It's a very precise list," one Hasid remarked. But the number of names on the list remains a secret.

Instead of a ballot, voters are asked to respond to a questionnaire prepared by the rabbinic court. The questionnaire, written in Yiddish, contains eight questions phrased as demands. For example, "I demand that the authority of the Bobov Hasidic court's rabbinic leadership rest with..." The voter then marks the empty square next to the name of the preferred rabbi, Rabbi Halberstam or Rabbi Unger.

Voters are also asked to respond to the following question: "If my side is granted the authority and the other side's rabbinic leader splits from the Hasidic court to establish his own community, I demand one of the following: That the other side not be entitled to use the name Bobov, even as a name that accompanies another title, or that the other side be entitled to be called 'Bobov,' but only on condition that it adds a modifying name to that title."


Unger will win & has won already just based upon the fact that Benzion Donner from London, just donated $5,000,000.00 on Yom Kippor to Unger.


Are there any exit polls

by the way Benzion Donner only forgave 5,000,000.00 from his previous loan of 13,500,000.00 that he won't get paid back anyway


yes looks like 30% to unger and 70% to halberstam


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