Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Bobovs hold open meetings to discuss voting situation

Both Bobovs have held their open forum meetings about the voting, 45th st. on Monday and 48th st. on Tuesday. The meetings were meant to discus the new idea that was proposed by the Tartikover Beis Din to vote on who should be the Grand Rebbe of the real Bobov and on many other monetary as well as organizational topics. One of the main concerns brought up at the meetings were that many people feared voting for either side because of the consequences that may arise. Some of the concerns were that people that are employed by the other side or are married to women from the other or that are receiving support from parents or in-laws that are from the other side may see an end to their jobs, marriage or support if they voted for the wrong side.

2 important questions:

Will there be exit polls and were the election rules printed in spanish.


one of the dayanim is a babad but its not tartikover beis din!!!


Imagine the heavenly reward given to the Rebbe that gets up and says, "Rabosai the most important thing is bein adam l'chavero. I am not willing to except the title of Rebbe and defer it to R' __________, whom i concider my rebbe now."
Now i do not fault any rebbe for not doing this, but just imagine what a world it would be if it happened.


Chaptzem your report is very vauge can you supply more details


What happens when the present bobover rebbe's kids take over ?

The chassidus is bound to collapse.

There is not enough money,kavod or jobs in the organization to make everyone and their many kids and grandkids happy.


The Gerer REBBI did just that


How will they deal with hanging chads?


Why don't they simply follow in the footsteps of "other" chassidic dynasties and say that the old rebbe is still alive. They don't haver to go overboard and proclaim him to be Moshiach or perch his name on their yarmulkas. All they have to do, is set up a fax by his tzion, and communicate via fax. Problem solved - finished. Yechi!


to anon 4:36

many ppl have wondered why we never chose another rebbe, they say we can choose "r' yoel Kahan" - every time he goes to bp or willi he has all these guys chasing him around and they cannot understand why we dont choose him as rebbe.

my freind you guys have no clue what a rebbe is, rebbes are not just to give out challah and say some verses at your dumb tishes! a rebbe is a manhig, someone who leads and everyone looks up to, someone who is larger than life.

we have ppl 50 times more qualified then your "rebbes" but it never crossed a mind to ask them, they are regular ppl.


just imagine if 45th wins will 48th go drive a taxi?


isnt there voters privacy?
how can someone know what someone else voted?


what did the gerrer rebbe do, other than stealing the position and arranging to have any supporters of Reb Shaul beaten up??


so mr lubav chusid @ 9:02pm
may i summarize your points.
1. we are all stupid.
2. you are a lubav groupie.
it was so nice of you to come here and explain this so impolitely and irrelevantly.
hatzlocha rabbah.


To Anonymous : September 06, 2007 11:24 PM
the lubavichter chossid is 100% right i can nearly guaranty that all these "rebbes" aren't fighting l'shem samayim it's only about the money and your an idiot if you can't see it.
p.s. how much is bobov beis medrash worth?


The properties are worth nearly 50 million think, real estate , organizations, camp, mailing lists etc.


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