Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Chabad to hold Simchas Beis HaShoeva despite rabbinic ban

The Chabad movement has come under fire in posters in Jerusalem's ultra-Orthodox areas for its intention to hold the "water-drawing festival" after the first day of the Sukkot holiday ends tomorrow night. The festival, recalling an ancient custom, is held every year with thousands of participants during the interim days of Sukkot. However this year, extremely strict non-Hasidic rabbis have warned against what they call the danger of "lewdness" during the festivities. They have banned all celebrations except those taking place indoors, to insure the strict separation of men and women.

This ban comes after non-Hasidic rabbis prohibited their followers from attending concerts and shows ("sing-alongs" as they called them) during the summer, even where men and women were separated. The latest ban has led the municipality of Bnai Brak, which has a large Orthodox population, to cancel its public water-drawing festivities.

The ultra-Orthodox religious court in Jerusalem has joined the ban, and also instructed any celebrations to end by 12:30 A.M. The religious court has also instructed men and women to walk on separate sides of the street to and from the celebrations.

Chabad's decision to hold the public celebrations in its neighborhoods is seen as a challenge to the ultra-Orthodox hard-liners. Defenders of the so-called "sanctity and education guard" have pressured Chabad to cancel the festivities, but the Chabad court ruled this week that the events would take place as usual.

Members of the extremist Neturei Karta sect will reportedly hold a protest outside the Chabad neighborhood during the celebration.

A spokesman for Tzeirei Chabad, the Chabad youth organization, told Haaretz "We are not opposing the rabbis and are not holding any shows. We have brought to the attention of the Torah sages that for us this is not just a street event, but one that has gone on for years and has value. There is value in holding the events in public. It is not just for the ultra-Orthodox public, but for the wider public, and men and women will remain separate."


Go for it Chabad, have the simcha and let it rock!!


it is a yidishe thing
"vehyu oisin tikun godol"
suka perek daled mishnah beis


The newspapaer just is trying to sensasualize a not uncommon situiaton in Israel where there are different groups, with each group following the dictates of their Rabbis. So for those who Rabbis ruled they should not go,they indeed should not. For those who ruled it OK they are entitled to attend.


Since when has Chabad followed an opinion of ANYONE who isn't of their own? At least now they have a zechus of rankling the NK idiots, which proves 2 points at once. Lubavich is still Jewish, at least according to NK, since they only fight with the Jews, and that Chabad isn't welcome in Iran any longer.


'for your info' was definitely correct in their assessment of the situation.
whoever it is that wrote that letter is definitely a greater anti-semite than those he tries to indict, for the more he does what he is doing he tears WORLD JEWRY to pieces. to be the rabim we must all stay away from making racist comments which make us all seperate yechidim.

and whoever you are which wrote that letter, simchas bais hashoeiva in the times of moshiach was not too much easier to deal with!!!


To the 15 Members of Neturei Karta,

We are not your LOX n Bagles Jew.

so A C H T U N G!!!!!

oh MR David Wiess are you now coming to Crown Heightes to fight us Lubavicthers?


are you going to start taking all the mitzvos and stop them cuz of something YOU dont like god had a reson in why He me simchas bais hashava and noone hasa right to stop others from keeping it you dont want dont but dont stop others


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