Thursday, September 06, 2007

Fatal train accident in Crown Heights

A 34 year-old Crown Heights Bocher was killed when he was hit by a train at the Kingston Avenue and Eastern Parkway train station. Community leaders are currently in discussion with the mechanchim of the mesivtah about educating them and the Yeshivah students on being aware of signs of depression and suicidal tendencies in other students.

Ad Mosi!!!
May we know no more bad news.
May Hashem Bless all of us with Arichos Yomim Veshonim Tovim.


34 years old? uhhhh, i think someone's a bit mistaken...


"leaders are currently in discussion with the mechanchim of the mesivtah"

Where do you get your information from? you're almost as bad as the jewish press. the way you make up stories would be funny if it weren't so sad!

and BTW what does the mesivtas have to do with anything? not this tragedy nor the one last week was with mesivta buchurim!


its only in luabvitch that mesivta is 14-17, and yeshiva gedoalh "zal" is 18+

the velt has mesivta for zal


3:31, you have no idea what you're talking about. 18+ in most yeshivos is no longer Mesivta.
It's time that you join mainstream frum sociey, unfortunately you have become so marginalized that I doubt there is any remaining hope.


Not to sound heartless, but this guy who jumped under the 4 train didn't fall he had to cross over the tracks that the 3 train runs on (the tracks that the person who jumped last week jumped on) had major mental issues he was in my school as a child and I remember back then he was a terror more brawn then brains even the teachers feared him he was not a stable person he used to roam the street in the dead of winter with no coat, and to say anything about the Yeshivos would be wrong because even when he was in Yesheva you can hardly say he was there if you get the drift.
and now he can't scare the crap out of me the he did back in Yeshiva or the way he scared everyone even the teachers and principle
at the end its sad that he took his life and I hope he is in a better place now!!!


Yes it is a terrible tragedy! 2 Bochurim in 2 weeks! Hope this is a wake up call to everyone in our community of Crown Heights. There are many people with mental illness and we must take care of them properly. Just screaming Yechi is not the answer!


most of main stream lubavitch doesn't scream yechi really - just a bunch of misguided folks perhaps 50-100 (yellow flags) that make a heck of a lot of noise. there is what 25,000 lubab's in CH or more? I mean come on...I do admit its big time sad being right in front of 770 shees!
may the families have no more tzar!


maybe if thay would stop being busy with yechi all the time and select a "live rabbi" to lead the people of chabad some of these problems would go away, as holy as the rabbi was he was not bigger then the
"alter" and "mittler" rabbies and all of them had a sucsesor i live in crown hights and we have a lot of problems we need a live leader..


Perhaps one problem is that despite being 34, he is still called a "bochur" so the "yungeleit" can look down on him.


Yichey has nothing to do with this! there are plenty of people who jump that aren't chabad, so don't start looking for reasons to defame chabad meshicists. thank you.
do you thing that lihavdil shvartzes jump because they can't see there rebbe? get real!!!
and btw most of chabad answers yichey after devening (just walk into any chabad shul)!
there are plenty of people who jump that aren't chabad, so don't start looking for reasons to defame chabad meshicists. thank you


To Anon 4:39 -- you are making a BIG BIG mistake. Gershy was not the terror you are describing, rather that sounds like his brother. The worst kind of thing that Gershy did at 841 O.P. would be to pick the locks to the classrooms (anyone O.P. veterans remember the famous "master key"?) or maybe even to steal the regents from Slomnicki's office. I know because I was in his class. And for all his differences, everyone, both teachers and classmates had a soft spot for him. He may have been a loose cannon -- but "terror"??? NO WAY. Just goes to show that we need to be carefull about the things we say about people.


Instead of sweeping our problems (like molesters) under the rug, we can start throwing them under the trains.


Yechi is wrong it's a big shtus
Two suicides are terrible but saying "Hope this is a wake up call to everyone in our community of Crown Heights. There are many people with mental illness and we must take care of them properly. Just screaming Yechi is not the answer!" would be like saying "Mothers in Boro Park have to stop killing their children (it happened twice), kosher pizza shops are not the answer."


Moshe Rubashkin a Convicted Felon who recently (2 or 3 years ago) was released from Fort Dix Federal Penitentiary, is the Chabad Lubavitch, Rosh Hakohol, of Crown Heights.

Busha Vecharpah and Chilul Hashem!

Crown Heights suicide problems has nothing to do with Yechi which 99.99 of all Lubavitcher are fine with.

2 suicides in Crown Heights in 2 weeks coincided precisely with Rubashkin having lost Millions in government Grants, because the government does not want to give grants to convicted felons.

During the past 2 weeks when these 2 suicides happened, Rubashkin had just lost a variety major social services program for Crown heights.

This program which Rubashkin lost had a Psychiatrists and a Social worker available to the community free of charge for the past few years until 2 weeks ago.

Is it a coincidence that Rubashkin lost the Government Grant which included a Psychiatrists, Dr. Spinner, and precisely at the exact same time 2 bochrim commit suicide at the same train station, exactly in front of 770 ?

The government program he lost, exactly 2 weeks ago, was called the "Focus on Fathers program" and was designed for social services for parents who needed assistance with difficult children including difficulties with their bochrim, exactly like these 2 bochrim who had killed themselves.

Still think it's a coincidence?

Or do you believe in Hashgacha Protis?


To anonymous 10:29

Your a moron. What does a lost grant in the last week have to do with what occured. All it shows me that the money that was utilized for the grant did absolutley nothing.

As far as 99.9% of the people being for Yechi, I think you should say 99.9% are indifferent. When I look around I see people that talk the talk, but do not walk the walk. You can scream moshiach and all the beautiful midroshim that you can compile in a new kovetz, but the ahavas yisroel and concern for another jew is out the window (which can be seen from the context of your post).


the answer to all this saddness is mosiach!! instead of putting every one down why dont we be a comfort to the family and all pray and demand for moshiach!
A mosi!!!


10:29....What an idiot you are!
Moishe might have lost whatever grants you are talking about...but the Rubashkins are good people, and put their money where their mouths are. If Moishe and/or his dad think something is importnat, they put their hands in their own pockets and they themselves provide the necessary funding!
It seems you are extremely jealous of Moishe and family!


These two bochurim are really alive, only they are "hidden" now. No longer confined to physical bodies, they are infinitely more powerful to perform their good deeds.


At least they weren't "Too fat to commit suicide" like a study published by the New England Journal of Medicine found:



Anyone who is stuck waiting for a delayed train has probably entertained thoughts of suicide. Train delays are enough to drive anyone Mad.

The 3, 4 5 and 2 train service, especially at atlantic ave during smoldering summer heat is SO BAD! delays delays delays with no word on why the delay is occuring when you are already running late!

I've felt like throwing myself on the tracks too when this happens, the only thing that kept me from doing it was the knowledge that I would only be cuasing further delays and ruining life for many others.


Gut gezukt anon 8:32 :)


its a shame the trains in bp are on over the ground, you guys cant jump! you would jsut fall thru to the street. come to ch we have a nice place for you crazies to jump.

if not we have a place for you guys to sleep and hang out, just put on a yellow flag pin and larg advetisment yarmulkah and join poltrack and sleep and eat in 770 with those 50 or so noise makers that hate the rebbe and want to destroy lubavtich by singing songs that the rebbe said no to.


"btw most of chabad answers yichey after devening (just walk into any chabad shul)!"

There is a known rule in politics, a small lie is a doubt whether people will take it or not. However if someone says a great lie, and repeats it many times, it causes people to think: "If this intelligent person is saying this, a shocking thing that has no place in intellect so many times, it must mean that there is some truth to it." Being that it is so shocking people believe it.


“Instead of trying to throw a hug around the world, why not throw a hug around your kid?”


moron; 99.99 % do NOT say yechi wanna be yellow flag nut!
99.99% believe if the moshiach comes it may very well be the rebbe zl or hope it will vechulu... so what? let everyone think there rebbe is moshiach...that's where it ends. ask any NORMAL lubab you know.


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