Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Kaparah centers beware

PETA is currently going around with cameras and photographing people doing kaporas.

Is the IRS going around snooping on those who do Kapores with money?


Chickens beware, people are going around this week making you into treifos and neveilos.


Attention to all those doing kapparos with chiken or money. Beware HASHEM IS WATCHING TOO.
Do u fear some peta guy over GOD? if you are misbehaving you will have to answer to 2 authrities


People Eating Tasty Animals
I think it was HRH"G Sean Hannity who said that


Maybe now we will gain some sense and stop killing poor chickens as a 'get out of jail free' card.
It is a paganistic ritual, it is avoda zara.


anon 7:09 is an obvious apikoris


So I suppose the Ramban and Beit Yosef were also apikoresim? They also held that it's a paganistic concept.


anon 1;09, Mechaber says that you shouldnt do Kaporos with Chickens Because it resembles a Pagan Ritual. REMA Disagrees.So is Mechaber an Apikores?I do it with Money, always have. I personally find it disgusting to do with chickens , smelly, crowded, and the inexpeierienced or tired Shoctim


first of all i hope you all had an easy fast and a i hope you will all have a great sukkos, now in regard to kapporos true there is a machlukas but these days the commonly excepted practice by most rabbonim is to use chickens and personally i feel that 90% of the people these days who use money do that out of laziness and not because of any halacah as our dear friend (12:07) said the reason he doesn't do it on chickens is because its smelly and crowded and then so he doesn't look like a fool blames it on the shocetim and in regard to our friend (7:09) who called it a "get out of jail free card" perhaps you don't know why we do kapporos, kappros is done to arouse fear and awe by the person by him looking at himself and relizing that maybe he should really be the one under the knife, well ha either way shalom al yisroel and moshiach now!


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