Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Noach Dear wins Civil Court Judge Primary

In the Civil Court race from Brooklyn’s Fifth District, Noach Dear defeated Karen Yellen. It broke a losing streak for Dear, who has become a kind of perennial (and perennially unsuccessful) candidate since term limits forced him from City Council in 2001. And it proved endorsements do not always count for much. Legal groups and newspapers found Dear unqualified to serve on the bench. He got almost 60 percent of the vote anyway.

In other unrelated news, thousands are flocking to Beis Din to have their civil cases heard.


Google Norach Dear and see the
past behavior of this man.
I feel sorry for the people
his district.


Noach Dear's victory proves one thing- the gullibility of our community. What Hikind says goes- and all the undersigned bowed to him, despite Dear's reputation! What a shame.


Someone has got to dig and find out the real scoop on why Hikind supported Dear.


This is a win for Hikind- he proved he can get an approved Dog Catcher in as Judge. As far as Dear is concerned, sooner or later he'll mess up and embarass himself. It's in his blood.


It is better for a person not to be in the public eye because it causes eiyin Horah. People tend to criticize and blame anyone running for public office. So whether or not Noach Dear is a qualified candidate for judge or not is not the question, whether or not a frum Jew should run for public office is.


It is better for a person not to be in the public eye?

SOME Public servants make a Kiddush Hashem every day! Many judges see a hundred or so people on an average day. IF he is honest, fair, patient, well mannered and knowledgable in law, his Yarmulka becomes a symbol of benevolence!


Definition of Benevolence-The disposition to do good; good will; charitableness; love of mankind, accompanied with a desire to promote their happiness.

Hikinds definition of Benevolence= $$$!


Sopeaking of races that are a joke, what about the Monsey race-Friedman vs. Soskin?? Soskin is an old guy who does ZERO for anyone but Kaser. He lost 9 out of 11 districts to Daniel Friedman, who really won...but the the chasidim panicked and forced everyone out to vote..so Friedman lost!1 The reason we have such idiots in power is because WE DONT GO TO VOTE..only those who have these ppl in their pockets do..so we have only OURSELVES to blame when thing go wrong and the wrong people win..


The reason we have such idiots in power is NOTTTTTTTTTTT because WE DONT GO TO VOTE.

If Hikind puts up a candidate like Dear, can we vote for another? Hikind and The Council decide who should be candidate and they get their candidates in, whatever it takes and that's it!


Dear last ananymous..with all due respect...You are WRONG!!!who votes???We do! Who gets to decide if the candidate wins or not? WE DO!!! so b4 you go blaming others..look around..they can pick anyone they want, but VOTING gets them elected...and if they round up enough VOTES they win..this is how the system works..this is a FREE country and you are not under HIKINDS control or anyone else's..so next time, VOTE against Dear and see what happens, instead of complaining on a blog after the fact...just like everyone in Kaser was FORCED to vote for Soskin, and noone wants him...instead of complaining, they should not be intimidated, like you seem to be, and go out and choose whomever they want..this is AMERICA!!!!


To "and if they round up enough VOTES they win"!

I can only vote for a candidate that's on the ballot!

You are forgetting that BEFORE A CANDIDATE GETS TO RUN, he must get thousands of signatures to get on the ballot. This costs thousands of dollars. Average people can't afford it. The candidates backed by the "Democratic Club (Hikind)" have election lawyers to discredit signatures brought in by opposing candidates. They also make deals to rid others that might be a threat to their candidates. There's alot going on that would shock many, in Back Rooms in Politics.

You can't just decide to run unless you have lots of money and have friends in the right places (powerful friends that $push$ you with $Hikind$, other $elected officials$ and the $Council$)! You obviously know very little about what it takes to run.

Nisht Pushet!


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