Wednesday, September 05, 2007

NYC Bar disapproves Noach Dear for Civil Court Judge

The New York City Bar Association has officially disapproved of Noach Dear as a candidate for Civil Court Judge. The Committee on the Judiciary of the Bar Association determines whether a candidate possesses the requisite qualifications for judicial office based on criteria such as integrity, impartiality, intellectual ability, knowledge of the law, industriousness, and judicial demeanor and temperament. According to the Bar Association the reason for approving Karen Yellen instead of Noach Dear was because, “by reason of the candidate’s failure to affirmatively demonstrate that he possesses the requisite qualifications for the court for which he is a candidate.”

Better luck next time!

VOTE Noach for G.O.!

What will Dovaleh say to this? "I want what I want because................"? He he.


The bar association does not approve or disapprove of judicial nominees. They only judge if nominees are qualified. If nominees do not respond, complete written questionaires, etc., they are automatically disqualified. Karen Yellen was not approved instead of Dear, she was simply approved. The Bar can qualify ten people for the same position. Keep up the good work.


What will Dovaleh say to this? We're both Grandfathers.

That's enough of a reason for Dear to be Judge, to Dov!

S'iz nisht kein Gelechter.

Tzvei Krimme Chevra!


Question remains, how qualified is a briber, deceiter, non-ethical person who lives off of favors from other peoples misfortune. He kvels when someone suffers. He would do anything to anyone or anybody to get what he wants. I fear for all if he winds up being a Judge. DON'T VOTE DEAR


The Bar association is just not correct to say Noach Dear is not qualified to be a judge. Does it really matter that he has zero experience as an attorney or that he never worked in the courtroom? Many practicing judges with much legal experience have proven themselves to be super jerks that are entirely unqualified for the position. So what does it hurt to have just one more? Surely, Noach Dear, even if not better, would certainly not be worse than those jerks already serving on the bench. I fully endorse his run for it. I feel he deserves a fair opportunity to prove that I'm right.



Do you remember that headline carried on the New York Post about 19 years ago relating to the Ave M restaurant?


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