Thursday, September 20, 2007

Say what?!

Obviously the person who posted this ad was going on a shopping trip to The Children's Place. Malkie asked her to buy some items with the idea that Malkie would reimburse her after. Well, apparently the person did buy the clothes, but Malkie never came buy to pick them up and pay for them. What's not to understand?


There is plenty that's unclear! For example, why isn't "children's" capitalized? Why isn't there an apostrophe in "youll"? Why doesn't she have a way to contact Ms. Bernstein other than by newspaper publication? Was there some sort of swindle involved that would result in a greater discount if the total bill exceeded a certain amount (hence the piggybacking of strangers)? There is much that remains unsolved. Hopefully, Ms. Bernstein or Ms. Newspaper-Advertiser will clarify.


how stupid; let her just return the items and get her refund


Sorry Malky but I lost all your contact numbers and have forgotten where you live.I have also forgotten anyone who knows you.
The word 'by' meaning 'at' is poor English.It is actually Yiddish.


I am pretty sure that this is a secret message to some terrorist cell lying in waiting. They have been known to use cryptic classified ads to relay messages.

Otherwise this makes absolutely no sense at all. Why would someone buy something for someone they don't know. And if they did, and they don't claim it, why don't they simply return it to Children's Place which has a very easy return policy.


Actually, the cryptic message is quite clear. The mastermind behind this plot is conveying the following message to the sleeper cell:

"Att:" - Wake up O sleepy cell, your time has arrive!

"Malky Bernstein" - the target is MB, or Miami Beach, as was discussed during your extensive training sessions.

"purchase clothing" - arrangement have been made to transfer the necessary components of the dirty bomb to the "children's place", namely the school house near the safe house. Using innocent children as a shield should be a familiar concept, if you were paying attention during training rather than eyeing the pig infidel outside the window!

"come to pick it up" - your time to greet martyrdom is at hand. Embrace it with passion "from me"

The last sentence is entirely unclear. For instance, why abbreviate "pls" when there is plenty of space to write it out? Also, why two phone numbers? Are that many missions going on simultaneously that you won't be able to get through? (UPDATE: call waiting has just been discovered).

If I were a conspiracist (which clearly I'm not), I would imagine that the next ad, "Centerpieces" is also somehow related to this sinister plot.


Miami Beach police are on hi alert for the planned terrorist attack so that y.e.s. and other schools and yeshivos are closed for the next few weeks


There can be no other plausable "uptaitch" of the ad rather as 9:43 put down.


Are the telephone numbers given real or not? Shouldn't be too hard to figure out.


Maybee Malkie gave the lady the money, because the line in the store was very long and she was in a rush.


strangly enough, neither phone-number is listed in the various directories found on the net.


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