Sunday, September 02, 2007

Sullivan County Sheriff parks in fire lane

Borough Park, Brooklyn, NY - More than a year ago elderly Arthur Schick of Schicks Bakery on 16th Ave. was pulled over by an NYPD officer for talking on his cell phone, that incident sparked the borough park riots.

Several complaints have been filed with the the NYC Civilian Complaint Review Board regarding the actions of various officers including Sgt. Angelo Russo, subsequent to the arrest of Mr. Schick.

The CCRB has reviewed all the complaints and interviewed the parties involved for one and a half years. At its last meeting, the Board announced that complaints against the police officers were "unsubstantiated" and the police officers were "exonerated".


SO WHAT, he should be allowed.
You are sounding typically jealous.


It looks like he at a big store maybe just maybe he's inside doing some police work.Did who ever take the picture think of going inside to be nosy and find out I doubt it.


The fire lane is there so that sheriff's and fire-fighters and anyone in law enforcement can make a quick entry and exit when they need to.


Does personal shopping or just shmoozing constitute an emergency or official buisiness?


whenever we have to run into a store we park in the firelane with our ambulance (no, not hatzolah.)


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