Friday, September 07, 2007

Yingerman will spend Shabbos with his family after posting $5,000 bail

A Boro-Park Yingerman that is in the food business will be spending Shabbos with his family, at least for this week, after he posted $5,000 in bail. While at work, the Yingerman noticed two Police Officers, a lawyer and a Hispanic woman, a former employee of his, standing outside his place of business looking for him. The Yingerman stepped outside of his store to see what they wanted and was handcuffed by the Police. He was then put into the car and taken in to be processed criminally for harassment against the former employee. The Yingerman was put through the system. He managed to post the $5,000 bail that was set for him and is at home now.

I know this girl who is accusing this fine yungerman of harassment. she is crazy as someone could get. Her funny colored hair came about from her funny way of thinking.
I am sure that the idea of filing sued she picked up of her Friends or off the INTERNET.


Mir vet azoy fil laiden fun di mexicanas as mir vet darfen antlufen fun america


wasn't the bail ten thousand? She is a young mexican woman and he did harass her.


Was it sexual harrasment? More details please.


my mother used to tell me as I was growing up making sure I would always tell the truth; " of dem ganiv brent dem hittel".


i think i know what u r talking about this guy owns a famous cafe in bp an he just renovated his store. this guy told all his worker that he is going to renovate an the store will be closed for 2 months an he is not paying his workersfor this 2 months that the store is being renovated but this shiksa came back when he opened back up the store and she wanted money for the 2 months that she didnt work an he told her im not paying u so she decided to make up a story that he started up with her an called police an he was in locked up for 24 hours
p.s. there is more to the story


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