Friday, September 07, 2007

Yoshke Yeshivah at Avenue J and Coney Island av. in Faltbush

Which Bocherim go to this Yeshivah?

Thanks Eli for the pic.

East 14th Street does not intersect with Coney Island Avenue. If its the place between J and K on Coney Island Avenue, its been there at least 40 years.


Like 1002 said...

This place has been around for years, everyone knows what it is, and no one goes near it, also, its not a yeshiva its a "synogauge"


Every one knows what that place is, but the question is with all the Real estate moguls in the Community ,can't someone give them an offer they can't refuse, buy the building , and get this blight away from the center of Flatbush?Look what they did on coney Bet K-L, they knocked down 8 similar buidings to make room for a mega building


My goodness, are you so far from Flatbush that you haven't ever seen this place??

Chaptzem, its time to cross "the border" and get out more. Even if its just to Midwood.


The place is run by an old couple. The rabbi is supposedly an off the derech former yeshiva guy. They openly recite the name of Yoshka in their prayers. A few time a year they hire Rabbi Aryeh Ralbag to personally attend their services and to speak for their mostly Russian congregants.


Rabbi Bomzer,
You should be ashamed of yourself. You run a Goyyishe Convert factory. You ripp off goyim who come to you to convert to Judaism- while you destroy the Jewish people with Goyyim that are made to believe that they are Jews. Shame on you. Your the Ex-rabbi of a shul that kicked you out seven years ago. You should be kicked out of Judaism as well. As for your cohort Aryeh Ralbag, he too is a phony Bamzer ehh I mean ... Mamzer. I always knew he was a cxistian Galach


Get your facts straight leib... Rabbi Bomzer Shlita is an absolute expert in daled chelkei shulchan aruch, do you even know where to find hilchos geirus? He has smicha from R' Moshe Feinstein for Dayanus.. Do you know what that means? Yadin, Yadin? Keep your stupid comments to yourself so that gehenom won't destroy you and your family. (See sefer chafetz chaim for more on the powers of gehenom for lashon harah)


"A few time a year they hire Rabbi Aryeh Ralbag"
this is a pure fabricated lie! just verified the above, rabbi has never even heard of the place!


I am an active member of the Jewish community of Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Ralbag seems to be Chief Rabbi here and it is my personal observation that in many cases the words of Aryeh Ralbag are not trustworthy at all.


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