Saturday, September 01, 2007

YouTube's nasty Nazi videos

According to a report by broadcaster ARD, anti-Jewish propaganda from the Third Reich and music by the banned neo-Nazi group Landser can be viewed unhindered on YouTube.

Such material is illegal in Germany. The report said some of the material had been online for several months. The federal Ministry of the Interior has recommended filing charges.

German officials reportedly have warned YouTube more than 100 times to remove the material but without a response.

The vice president of the German Jewish council, Salomon Korn, has asked that Chancellor Angela Merkel and the Justice Ministry intervene to stop the online publication of offending video clips.

YouTube, which is owned by Google, is based in California and thus beyond Germany's legal reach. But German officials could come down harder on Web companies with operations in Germany.


i actually saw this nasty video of two men. one was beheaded, the other was shot. all done with a banner of a swastika behind them.

besides for being shocked, disgusted and nauseated, i wondered where and when these atrocities were committed?!


youtube is full of anti semitism

go look up a guy who calls himself 'seefouraturdoor'.he has to be the worst,whats more he 'was' a YID!!!


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