Monday, December 24, 2007

About the Simcha Felder remarks and his run for NYC Comptroller

Simcha Felder is no longer the Cholent and Kugel politician who can afford to look like a buffoon and screw up every other day. Simcha Felder wants to be your next Comptroller. That means everything he says or does reflects on all of us as Frum Yidden. Simcha Felder has a responsibility and an obligation to behave like a mature person because he represents the Torah and the Frum population and their way of life. If Simcha Felder sounds like a jerk, it's not just a jerk politician that said it, it's a Frum jerk politician that said it.

The purpose of this site is, and always was, to try to help people do better and be better and to thereby help maintain a better Frum society. It is our hope that this site serves as a mirror to the Frum people that are in the public eye to reflect back towards them any public action or vocal expression that they make, be it positive or negative. Hopefully that person will then realize what he really sounds like and will strive to correct his mistakes and to be a better person for it.

Simcha Felder said something extremely stupid in public that landed flat in his face and will certainly haunt him for quite a while. The question is, what will he take away from that experience? Will he learn to choose his words better? Will he come down from that little isolated arrogant spot that he's living in now? Or will he just brush it off by blaming it on someone else?

The answer to these questions is what will help to determine if Simcha is really the right candidate for us, to represent the Frum community. We believe that Simcha Felder has the potential to be the candidate that we want to endorse. We believe that with some effort and self-reflection Simcha can change and rise to the occasion and hopefully make a tremendous Kiddush HaShem in office. It is our hope that Simcha will do the personal soul-searching and self-work necessary to accomplish his true Tachlis as a Frum politician, something that no amount hardheartedness or arrogance can accomplish.

Simcha, may you have a successful run for Comptroller and may you accomplish many positive things so that we can write about you in a way that makes everyone proud.

Just because your buddy Country yossi loves simcha you ahve to love him to?


I Think He Has To Be Ibergeleigt


Nebach, he spent too much time with Christine Quinn, and forgot the difference between same and different, and the rules governing same and different. Rachmunes on the wife and daughter.


The Frum olam is is mechuyav to hear what Rabbi Yehuda Levin Shlita, talmid of Rav Avigdor Miller ZT"L said on the radio regarding Simcha Felder. Rabbi Levin's radio broadcast can also be heard at 212-461-2852.


Whatever Simcha Felder said, wheteher you judge it to be smart or otherwise, has no bearing on his qualification to be COMPTROLLER!


Maybe a better question is not to look at what Simcha says but what he does.

Spring, Summer and Fall of 2007, the one park in Borough Park (18th Avenue) has been closed. Many days I went by there and saw no one working.

The park is still far from finished.

If our city councilman can't take care of such a small project as getting the park finished for his constituents (that would be us) in time for the summer, then what good is he?

Campaign slogan:



So what did he say?


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