Wednesday, December 05, 2007

And they let this person teach?

This is a letter that appeared in the Yated newspaper and was sent in to us.

Dear Editor,

I have been reading the Yated for a long time and have extra pleasure
in reading some of the feature articles. The first part of the paper I
read is Rabbi Binyomin Ginsberg's article. I find that I come back to
his article and need to read it over again. There are so many messages
in what he writes and I have used so many of his suggestions. They
work and they work well!

I grew up in New York and that is where I live now. The only place I
ever visited was Eretz Yisroel, during my seminary year. I was always
curious why you feature a chinuch writer who is in a city that doesn't
have a very large frum population. Knowing that Rabbi Ginsberg is from
Minnesota, I hesitated to share his advice with my friends and family.
I was worried that they would discredit his advice because he is not
from New York.

Everything became clear to me this week when I listened to Rabbi
Ginsberg deliver a lecture to a group of teachers in New York. I
learned many lessons from his talk, but the most important lesson was
not to judge someone by where they live. If I wouldn't have known
differently, I would have had no reason to think that Rabbi Ginsberg
is not from New York.

I wish that every teacher would hear his message. I am sure that I
will change some of my teaching behaviors as a result of what he
taught me. I will also feel very comfortable in promoting his ideas
and suggestions.

Thank you for a great newspaper.

[name withheld to protect the stupid]
New York


That is the most "Chenyuky" stupid Brooklyny comment I have ever heard.Get your head out of the ground and wake up---NY is FAR from the only TRUE TORAH city.---for a teacher SHE needs a real education!


If you asked my my opinion . i would fire this women for her narrow mindedness and force her to teach out of town before getting a job in the NY area.


Apparently, this person was stupid enough to leave a name... shotah eino busha. I guess then its true what they say about teachers... Those who can, do, and those who can't, teach....


He/She/It? is used to teachers who preach conformity and uniformity and hypocritically!!! ooze designer labels and worship a religion called Shtottyism, as is the sitch in New York, more than elsewhere, unfortunately :).


I am a Chassidisher man with Shtreimel, White Socks and the works. But, I got sick of the NY close mindedness a long time ago. I move away. Sure it is a challenge sometimes finding the shchita I want, since most places are controlled by the Rubashkin mafia, but it is worth it.

The only mikva I have nearby, is a bor al gabai bor, which my rebbetzin can't use. I have to drive her an hour to a mikvah that we hold from, but it is worth it.

It is worth it just to be away from the rudeness.

It is wort it just to be away from hearing close minded remarks putting people from outside of NY area down. I got to the point where if I heard another Yid say, "There are no Yidden in The South" ... or "People in The South are Stupid" ... or "How can Jews live so far from NY?" ... or "Ohio, that's in the State of Denver; isn't it?" ... or "You can't just drive to New Mexico, you need a passport!" ... or "Florida is in Miami, they have a few Jews there, but only in the winder, and you have to bring your food for the whole stay." .. ... but the worst of them are the ones that say that all Yidden who live outside NY are somehow inferior to NY Yidden. How stupid are they. I couldn't take it anymore.

Then there are the morons, not just the Chareidim, but most NYers who believe that Jews are not safe ourside NY. They think that NY is some sort of haven for them, and that the rest of the country is full on anti semitism. Funny, I found no antisemitism out of NY that was as bad as the antisemitism in Brooklyn.

I have spent considerable time in the American South. Georgian, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, South Carolina, etc., I have found the Goyim there soooo much friendlier than the goyim in NY ... but worse still... most were much friendlier than the Yidden in NY.

The Supermarket managers in Alabama asked me what brands of kosher food I could eat, and they would special order it for me. No extra charge. I would only pay the regular retail. Goyishe supermarkets special ordered Meal Mart foods for me, happily.

Funny, it was easier to get food there, than in areas where there were Lubavitchers already there. For the Lubavitchers make them all get Rubashkin, and Rubashkin applies pressure to be the only game in town. So, in a totally goyishe area, it is easier to get other shchita.

Oh, sure living in some places where I was, we had a long way to go to a mikvah, but the education I got about the world was worth it.

How many NY Jews know that more than 10% of the Confederate Army was Jewish! Or that the Southerners will tell you that the Jews helped build the South alongside them. It was the NY Jews over a Century ago, who erased the history of the Southern Jew because they were embarrassed that the Southern Jews were on the side of the Confederacy, and supported it fully. In fact there were Jews high up in the Confederate politics.

But, now to regular Jewish neighborhood away from NY.

Here where I am now, we have a sort of Pre Kollel, with buchurim learning Issur V'Heter. We have shiurim for Baal Habatim, and a nice Kehilla. For Kabalas Shabbos we get about 35 black hatters, and from two to four shtreimlech. We have a nice mixture of Chassidish, Yeshivish, Israeli, Orthodox, and Lubavitch, all getting along and all respecting each other.

Now, as with any smaller kehilla, the members of the Chevra Kedisha get called more often, than in the larger communities. We only have about 7 or 8 men on the chevra, and about 8 women on the women's. Larger Chevras in NY may have 50 or 60 or more in each, and get called less frequently.

My life here is richer for living among this assortment of precious Yidden, and theirs is also enriched by our living here. They now see that Satmar Chassidim are kind, friendly, good people, not the way their prejudices taught them earlier.

Sure, we can fly to NY for clothing, and to visit, and to go to the matzeivos, and tziunim, etc., but I am happy to get back here, away from people like that ignorant, prejudiced teacher.


Can we get an actual image of the letter, I’d like to print this out.


This teacher needs a course in proper English!

She writes like Boro Parker with a Boro Park education!

What Boro Park syntax!

This is what teaches our children! Gevalt!


Your English don't sound much better.


Dear 12/5 8:32

Well said, we live "out of town" also and I love to go back and visit NY but I could not take living there.
I always say they live in a box. And G-d Forbid if they ever fell out of that box, they might Chas V'shalom stop breathing. They don't get you can be just as "frum" if not more so by being away from NY. My children are more Tznius, and more aidel because they don't have the influence of NY'ers and their attitude and style of dress and competativeness!


In the past I used to live in Brooklyn for close to 15 years.

I am a Satmar married woman (married to a Satmar Chosid) who presently lives in Florida. I am the type of woman that wears a short Sheitel, hat on the sheitel, and seamed stockings.

Although I am attending a Lubavitcher Shul now, I am LOVING it here. Although I am one of the few women that dresses in such a way, yet all the women and even men admire my Tznius way of dressing. True there are other men that wear Shtreimels.

At first I was very scared in relocating to Florida because I was very "comfortable" living in NY all my life. As time went by I was feeling more and more comfortable living here.

I do have problems finding Tznius clothing here but at times I am able to find something. My intentions are to fly to NY to buy Chassidishe type clothing as well as for my husband to buy his clothing.

I LOVE the Rabbi and Rebetzin of the Shul as well as all the members. I show my love, friendliness, kindness and respect towards everyone. I don't want anyone to think that because I am a Satmar person that I am different than them (although my dress is different)

I am very happy I made the decision in relocating to FL to be with my Besherte for life.


The writer sounds like she could be 8 years old. Sheesh!! This is all in part of living a sheltered life.


December 06, 2007 6:03 PM

Florida is NOT the place for Satmar people to live. They belong in New York such as Williamsburg, BP and Monroe. I hope you decide to relocate back to NY where you TRULY belong.

Although the weather in FL is so much nicer than in NY, crime is less than in NY and so many other reasons why FL may be considered better, yet YOU MUST STICK WITH YOUR PEOPLE- OTHER SATMAR PEOPLE.


2:06 said...

I am a Satmar Chossid. My people are the Jewish People.. not only the Satmar Chassidim. My fellow Chassidim are the chassidim of the previous Satmar Rov, ZY'U.
But my fellow Yidden are all Yidden.

I have no connection at all with the feuding duo and their violent followers. That is not the Satmar Way.

Either way, even if we had a great Rebbe today, there is nothing wrong with living away from the group. How did we wind up with kehillas in Willi, Boro Park, KJ, Monsey, Montreal, England, etc.,

Someone moved there first.

I hate machloikes. I hate rudeness. I love quiet living among people who treat each other with mutual respect and love... not conflict.


December 06, 2007 6:03 PM

You really MUST live in a part of FL, like North Miami Beach where other Chasidishe people live there as well. Lubavitch people do NOT have the same Havarah like Satmar or other Chassidishe people have, nor do they keep the same Shita as to when Shabbos is over. Only Chassidishe people keep this shita.

I have visited FL many times in the past and I've NEVER FOUND Satmar women wearing seamed stockings, or hats on their sheitels living out of North Miami Beach. Most of the Jewish people that I encountered appeared to be Lubavitch. I recognized their Menoras as well as the Menoras being on top of their cars during Chanukah.

Although I am a Chassidishe myself, nevertheless, I do NOT wear seamed stockings or a hat on top of my sheitel. I WOULD NEVER be able to relocate to FL if I were to be a Satmar or any type of other Chassidishe woman if I were to wear seamed stockings, hat on top of sheitel. Such dress code is usually seen in various parts of New York.

I hope that you and your besherte decide at some time in the near future to join the hundreds of other Satmar Chassidim who live in Monroe, Willi, BP and other CHassidishe neighborhoods. FL is NOT a Chassidishe community.


I recently visited Fl and although I was NOT in North Miami Beach where the Chassidishe people live, I davened in a shul (forgot the area where we were) and to my surprise I've seen a Chassidishe man with a shtreimel. His wife WAS NOT wearing seamed stockings or a hat on a sheitel. His 2 young sons were under 3 because they soon needed their hair to be cut. I'm wondering if their sons will be having curly payos.


2:06 said...

You are correct. Usually each Chassidishe sect stick with their own kind. For example, Bobov with Bobov, Belz with Belz, Pupa with Pupa, etc.


I presently live In Montreal and HATE living here. I am a Viznitz Chasidisher woman where I lived my entire life (until 1 year ago when I got married)in New York. I MISS NEW YORK VERY MUCH AND BLI NEDER WILL BE RELOCATING BACK TO NEW YORK IN THE VERY NEAR FUTURE.

There's so much about NY that I love and can't wait to be back home- BACK IN NY with all of my viznitzer friends.


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