Monday, December 10, 2007

A bunch of gentile kids at PS 22 singing Esa Einai

A reader request -


You have got to check out and post this video.

A bunch of gentile kids @ PS22 singing Esa Einai.

Aren't we a true Ohr L'amim, a light unto the nations!


Oh, for sure! However, the amount of goyishe songs that influenced our culture is waaaaay higher than the amount of our songs making their way into the goyishe velt.


I have a feeling that they are of the 10 lost tribes of Israel...


I would think.
that they would sing.
some of Lipa Schmeltzer's songs. I guess they like the oldies.


This is a great day for Rabbi S. CarleBACH. This will no doubtfully elevate his טייערע neshoma to great heights.


This the greatest story to pass along, people!.


Are the יונים finally compensating for there wrong doings?

The Pope played Sorry...
Spain also said sorry to the ספרדים
Germany also paid sorry.
Will Israel compensate and let it become Eretz Yiroel soon again?
Lets hope!.

Wow! what a great time to be alive.


Do you remember when the משוגענע Curtis Sliwa would play מיכאל שניטצלער on his radio show?!

By the way! where is Curtis and Kuby heading?


wheir this guys performing at some רבי'שע חנוכה ליכט צינדן?

They like our songs, now give them some Potato Kugel and Chulent to taste and allot of them will convert to Judaism.

Mr. Bllomberg what will you do then?! Ha?!


Don't worry!
The Mossad will quietly take them out of the country to import them to Israel.


This kids look like they are kept in a prison somewhere in a dictatorial state with a gun to their heads requiring them to sing some judea-christian songs.
איך נשיר את שיר ... על אדמת נכר


Do we really need מוסדות שערי חמלה? aren't גויאישע schools doing a hack of a job to bring in ווארימקייט אין די קינדערלעך? I guess because they don't sing the הקפה ניגונים as of now. that's a point.


ועל כן נקוה לך... וכל בני בשר יקראו בשמך... יכירו וידעו... ושמו אחד


Where did this take place? I want to join.


This video is old and has been around for a while, if you do searches on youtube, there are more of them


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