Monday, December 10, 2007

Car service driver hits Yingerman and runs from the scene of the accident

A Yingerman was driving down 13th Avenue and 61st street and was hit by a car service vehicle that had veered into his lane. The Yingerman got out of his car to speak to the car service driver, but as soon as he got out of his car it began to roll down the hill. The Yingerman tried to grab the car and hold onto it, but was unsuccessful. The car had rolled almost a block and crashed into a pole stopping it from going any further. The Yingerman gathered himself and walked up to the car service vehicle to speak to the driver. However, the driver was no longer there, only a mother with three children, his fare, were in the back seat. When the Yingerman asked the woman where the driver was she told him that he had run away. The Yingerman called the Police to file a report and they finally showed up after he had waited an hour and fifteen minutes in the thirty degree weather. The woman and her children were taken to the hospital to be checked out.

Hey Yoily, you made it to the news! Let me clarify some things. He crashed into a pole, not a poll. The car service was Mexicana- we should publicize that. There have been numerous complaints against this car service and Shomrim actually advise against using them. Also, the police were called sometime between 10:15 and 10:30. They did not show up until 12. This was after repeated calls that they people involved were freezing and that there were other cars that were slipping on the same patch of ice that the 2 drivers slipped on. When they arrived, they were very nice and polite. btw, the passengers of the taxi were not Jewish.
Just my 2 sense.


Attn: "A Witness":

If you are going to correct others, please try not to make mistakes yourself.

The expression you were referring to at the end of your comment is "just my 2 cents" (not "sense").

Just MY two cents.


Is this the same Yingerman who crashed his airplane? Very unlucky man.


9:02 - i write it this way to make a point - 2 senses used. i don't like it the other way, I aint given no money to noone- not 2 cents and not 2 dollars. I have my own writing style. Don't like it?


this is very important news! I now feel very informed.

I dont know wht I continue to log on this site.


Why is it that every time I see a post here with the word "yingerman" in the headline, I expect to hear about a moron?

"[A]s soon as he got out of his car it began to roll down the hill."

D'oh. Transmission in park? Parking brake set?

Where did this guy get his drivers license, inside a box of Cheerios?





alterman, the driver put the car in park and got out of the car. The car then slipped and slided down the hill - if you would have driven by that street on that night like I did, you would've seen all the other cars doing that same spin that these 2 cars that were invloved did. As a matter of fact, the paramedic got out of his ambulance and went flying flat on his face and the tow truck that came to get the cars barely got through the street without being pushed and burning his tires silly!
btw, he got his license in the same place that you did! Some people just have all the luck! It was completely not his fault!


11:20 and Witness @11:32:

Lots of things are possible but re-writing the laws of physics is not one of them.

If, and I suppose that's a big if a motor vehicle is already stopped and If,the transmission is put into Park (which means the driving wheels are locked and cannot turn) and if the parking brake is set, then in order for the car to move on its own, you would need:

a) glare ice; and

b) a downgrade of such steep angle to overcome all of the above.

You are talking about 13th Avenue and 61st Street, Brooklyn, right? Not California and Powell in San Francisco?

Mr. Yingerman has nothing to worry about what anyone on this blog thinks about his actions. The questions I raise are the same that will be raised by the insurance companies.


shoin vater mit der yingerman....


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