Saturday, December 22, 2007

Cars vandalized and robbed in Flatbush

Cars were vandalized and robbed Friday night in Flatbush. The thieves had targeted a block and violated the cars while they were parked in the driveway. The thieves broke the windows of the car and rummaged through the car's contents, leaving everything strewn about inside.

Which block? Flatbush is a very large place. You need to give details.


Can you please explain to me how they "violated" the cars? Did they touch them under their hoods?


WELCOME TO FLATBUSH!!! my car got broken into too.The wierd thing is they didnt even take anything they just made mess...Such a pain to clean up shattered glass!!!!!!


Can you please explain to me how they "violated" the cars? OY now we need to raise money for there therapists!
HELP THE VIOLATED CARS! There emotionally unstable they are crashing and you might be the cars next victim


They were caught Tuesday Night "in action" . 3 under arrest.


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