Monday, December 31, 2007

The direct correlation between leidiggeiers and Erev Shabbos music

It seems as though leidiggeien has reached an all time new height in Boro-Park. No longer is it enough for the people that don't work or do anything all week to make themselves crazy, but now they have to impose their craziness upon an entire neighborhood. Which person that actually does anything in his life and seriously contributes to society has the time or energy to think of and let alone implement such a useless and annoying idea as to have music play on loudspeakers Erev Shabbos? Which person feels so totally useless and irrelevant in this world that the only thing he can do is come up with crazy ideas on how to inject more noise and chaos into an already overloaded neighborhood? When do these disturbed individuals think up these ideas? Is it when they're in middle of Shmoneh Esrei? You won't find anyone who works for a living that would devote even one second to such utter nonsense.

To those of you, the few other useless imbeciles that seem to think this is a great idea, turn your stereos up to the loudest volume and blast out your eardrums in private please. Why does every single Boro-Park leidiggeier who spends way too much time in the Mikvah find it necessary to impose their lunacy on an entire neighborhood? Has every shred of Yashrus truly been taken away from Frum society? Is there no longer anyone who cares about their neighbor? Has Frum society really fallen so low that we now think we are accomplishing something for Yiddishkeit by blasting music while women are Beiting aus their bakushes while tzinding Shabbos lecht? Has it ever occurred to these music blasting leidiggeiers that someone may have a sleeping baby that will be disturbed by the music?

Try playing music at ten in the morning when these useless leidiggeiers are still sleeping then you'll see a reaction. Ironically, it's the same leidiggeiers that burn sheitlech on the street and riot on Thirteenth Avenue that have the time or energy to implement such nonsense.

If these leidiggeiers truly want to accomplish something they can start by picking up all the garbage they throw out on the street with their pashkevilin every time a woman drives a car. It's about time that people started earning their place on this planet.

BRAVO! Chaptzem is finally getting to his senses!


I don't live in BP but all the people (not ledigeirs)I spoke to love it.


I have always found this site and its content to be intelligent, current and relevant, if not humorous and enjoyable.

This item, however, takes the cake. It exceeds all other site content in brilliance, relevancy, sarcasm and honesty.

Very well done, Chaptzem. Please keep forging ahead with your mission of injecting some sense of humanity and civility into the Chassidic world.


Obviously you have never been in Yerushalayim on Erev Shabbos or Erev Yom Tov. They play corresponding music and it is beautiful. You hear Koh Rebon Olam, or Uv'yom HaShabbos playing, and it creates the right atmosphere for the coming of Shabbos Malkeso. Listening to Zochreinu L'Chaim on Erev Rosh Hashanna, and Ato B'chartunu on Erev Yom Tov, plays directly to your Neshoma.
B"H that its being brought here. It's about time.
We are grateful to these askanim, and can't wait till its heard all over Boro Park.


8:44 AM? - huh! you're up early!
btw - I actually taught it was nice - it wasn't that loud and it didn’t shter me from asking my bakushos by lecht tzinden.

Take a valium and calm down.


ok, you have to calm down. The person or people who did this heard it in Bnei Brak, just like I did, and found it warm and beautiful. I actually started opening that same cd every erev Shabbos in my house, my wife and kids love it, so now it's on loud in the street. Why make a big deal out of it ?


Yup , and add that to the kaporas and needless chometz burning chazerei and circus , together with the Motzei Yom KIppur 1:00 AM Succah builders with hammers and geshrei disturbing sleeping neighbors , and we really got a problem on our hands.
And you remind me... You think I can walk just one block in BP without those loud annoying posters , Patchke'villins, patchkerei , and chumres in Loshon Kodesh assaulting us? Just one block??


i agree with this post 100%. when the goyim play there music in the car so loud on shabos afternoon when we sleep then its terrible. when yidden play music or sing loud motze shabos or yom tove til 2 in the morning then thats fine. no it isnt fine your supposedto treat others how you want to be treated. a whistle blow for ten seconds is ok music is not.


I don't know what the music sounds like in BP, but I could tell you were I live in Yerushalayim the music is played every erev shabbos for years,and it happens to be very pleasant and not annoying. It actually is a very nice way to bring in the shabbos. I don't know why you relate the music to leidegeyers if you feel you must vent about them please do it on a separate post.


Bravo! Well said.


And till now the leidigeirs were tolerable?
To those who've heard the music in Eretz Yisrael: what do think the inhabitants of Yerushalayim and Bnei Brak are? Not leidigeirs?
To those who want to have the atmosphere of Shabbos ushered in with the music: Have you ever tried to be Maavir Sidra? Or maybe just have a bowl of chulent. . .


Are they looking for sponsors yet?? Just another idea to make money - this goes together with all those Dvar Torahs and Advertisments that are dumped into all the Shuls on Friday that make a mess - They only have Inzin the money nothing more!!


Excellent! I can't believe I waste time reading that supposedly Yeshivishe censored garbage when your site is so much more refreshing and original.


Ay.. The Muslims live right in the next area (14th Ave & McDonold) and they play music 5 times a day
over the loudspeakers. So the trend
is catching on in BP. Next it'l be
mohamod mohamod mohamod instead of.... Chas V'Shoolem.


"Obviously you have never been in Yerushalayim on Erev Shabbos or Erev Yom Tov." Anon 11:54

That's exactly Mr Chaptzem's point "leidigeiars!" unfortunatly we have many leidigeiars in yerushalaim as well as in bnei beraq who have nothing better to do. Well ofcourse as a buchur in yerushalaim it didn't bother and you did appreciate it otherwise you would never be jolted out of sleep to get to the mikvah in time for kabolos shabbos..........


seems to me that some B.P.'ers have excellent writing and communication skills, well written piece , even if some disagree.


Chaptzem is right. This music is intrusive as well as the sirens. It may be pleasant to some but that does not give a small minority of do - gooders to impose their tastes and preferences on the public. We also ought not to act like certain ethnic groups that sit on their stoops blaring their loud music which doubtless they find nice and pleasant.


I think the fun will start when every different Hassidishe shtiebel will decide that only there niggun passt for welcoming the Shabbos, as well as the Carlebachers, and then the Dveykus people, and maybe someone will call for a chazonus revival, with all the music playing on top of different cars until all of BP sounds like a metal crushing factory.


An advice to those who want to have the atmosphere of Shabbos ushered in with the music: Have Shabbos music played on in your house starting Thursday night as you begin preparing with cooking fish, bakeing a cake, cleaning the home, etc.

That's what I do every week. Shabbos music is played on in my house starting Thursday evening when I begin my Shabbos preparations. I'd do it in the daytime but I work from 8:00 am till 5:15 P.M. Then I'm busy with cooking supper for the family, helping kids with homework. Once kids are in bed I turn the music on but LOW so as to NOT disturb them from going to sleep.

Try this method. You'll enjoy it. I have different Shabbos music Played Thurs. Evening till a few minutes before I Bench Lech.


your prejudice against chasidim is not gonna take you far.
if you know what a "chusid" is if not check the shilchon aruch.

and instead of being busy with someone else correct your sins first


THis whole 'machlokes' is ridiculous. I think it does give a 'ruchniusdik' atmosphere to NY but before doing this, they should have asked people, maybe publicly, like on this website or JP or other papers, how they felt about it. One persons happiness can be another's problem, and if this makes anyone miserable,, it defeats the purpose. As much as I liked this, I can say that I would have said NO b/c so many are bothered by it...and BTW, anon. 5:54, I do the same thing, starting THurs morn as I cook, I also work but I work Afternoon/evenings...it really does give a taste of Shabbos..without disturbing anyone...


5:54 PM

Excellent idea. Thank you for the advice. Yasher Koach.


why the anger? you dont like it others do live with it and stop being a jewish complainer


5:54 PM
You are 100% correct. I also do the same and it takeh brings in the Shabbos spirit into the home.

Additionally any preparation that I do for Shabbos I say Lekavod Shabbos. As I eat the Shabbos food on Shabbos itself, I also say Lekavod Shabbos.


I am from Canada. I hope they play it loud enough this week so I can hear it.


Get the EPA to come down and take a decible rreading . If its too loud they will get a fat ticket and shut down hopefully!!


December 31, 2007 12:54 PM

You just listed some of the GOOD things about Boro Park. That is the wonderful character of the community.

Motzai Yom Kippur IS the appropriate time to build that Succah.

The rest of your list are also good things, but you seem to turn them into negatives.

For the rest of you, chill, relax.

This "Issue" is worth getting angry about? Let's get rid of the Medinas HaRishus first.

Take all this energy many of you seem to have to protest, and protest the Tzionim and their disastrous medina.

May it fall quickly without loss of Yiddishe blood, so Moshiach can come soon.


This Jewish music several minutes before Shabbos is "for the leidigeirs" who don't realize that Shabbos is already at the doorpost and they better get ready.

I never heard anyone in Yerushalayim finding fault with this beautiful welcome to Shabbos.


last night, in the wee hours, i got woken up because it was New Year's. Surprisingly NOT, chaptzem did not bash that American custom to bellow and wake the 'hood because a new year dawned. If you don't like Shabbos music, put cotton in your ears. Putting music up on erev Shabbos is way better for Leidigiers to do!


Instead of the loud music in the neighborhoods Erev Shabbos, many areas have people going around with their car about 15 min. before Shabbos to remind us when Shabbos is and then again 5 minutes before Shabbos as a final reminder.


....Motzai Yom Kippur IS the appropriate time to build that Succah. ....

Absolutuletly not when neighbors are sleeping. Many halochos are mitigated only because of tircha d'tzibore. Here , it's even more than a tirche. It's outright tipshus and indifference to another person. You don't do a mitzvah on YENEM'S cheshbon.


....For the rest of you, chill, relax.

This "Issue" is worth getting angry about? Let's get rid of the Medinas HaRishus first.

Take all this energy many of you seem to have to protest, and protest the Tzionim and their disastrous medina.....May it fall quickly without loss of Yiddishe blood, so Moshiach can come soon....

Well, you don't sound like you're chillin'. You sound angry and stupid. What does tziony have to do with our topic??
You're a sick obsessed psycopath like other virulent anti-tziyony meraglim..


Well written. Good job.


What about the Availim of our community who dont want to hear the music??? No one thought of that, huh???


Excuse my ignorance but what exactly is a leidiggeier?


would you like christian carols played every sunday. rhis is not israel, it's america a goyishe land


I just have one thing to say:



to anonymous 1/1/081:34 pm....bava kama 32a bottom "when one runs public property and bumps into` someone causing damage has to pay, but if its erev shabbos not because he had right to run (see there why)so he is exempt from paying damages, same here if had been banging any other night...but din shulchun urech "mitzvah to be oisek sukkah motzeh yom kippur.." simen 624 seif 5 last 2 lines remah... to post 1/108 11:54 pm derheilige rebbe..suppose a store plays music anywhere whch is very usual and ovol lives nearby, store owner is not obligated in any shape or form to close music, also store owner is not b'gader of machsil the the ovel to listen to music...


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