Thursday, December 13, 2007

Future Chasidishe superstar kid, introduced on Chaptzem, goes big time

The Chasidishe keyboard kid that debuted on Chaptzem has now hit the big time. The prodigy child now has his own fan following with his many online videos. This fine future musician is one of Chasidishe music's youngest superstars and is definitely not shy.

Just another great that got its start on Chaptzem!

When part 1 is done you can watch the other 3 parts via the inscreen menu.




Okay cute, but how about some real tunes instead of the stinkin' fake keyboard sound. Would having something that doesn't sound like bad disco/wedding music be so bad? If I were his parent, I'd be proud but wearing ear plugs.


Oy vay, it could lead to mixed dancing.


Watching him makes me think of parents that drag their toddlers for hours and hours of arduous training for the Olympics or other sports and pretend that it's the poor kid that really wants it.


what a shame it would be when the rebbe in cheder smashes his fingers for not knowing the place in the chimash


Why say anything bad. This kid seems amazing. Is it because he is a Satmar boy from Kiryas Yoel that you are criticizing?
If he were from Chabad you would say how amazing he is.

Here is a kid, am obvious child prodigy, who is certainly not getting the "Coaching" like those Olympic parents give their kids.

Watch him. He has a FEEL for the music like an older person.

I think he is fantastic, and all you who find fault can just hit "Back" on your computers.


I'm extremely amazed of the talent that this child possesses. It's a pleasure to hear him play as well as his singing.

May his parents, grandparents and all who know him have a lot of Nachas from him.


Bli Ayin Hara, It was a pleasure seeing and listening to this sweet gifted child perform. May his parents have lots of yiddishe nachas from him.


To mamamia, it is only jealousy talking. You probably wear ear plugs when your kids (if you have any) speak to you. Shame on you!! May his parents see lots of nachas from him and may he continue to enjoy what he is doing, for that is how he will climb up the ladder. Noone was born perfect the first day. He is definitely going in the right direction. I do not know any other young children that can perform the way he does BI"H.
By the way, does anyone know his name?


Bubbe, its the choice of instrument/tune not the kid's playing or his ability that I noted. Perhaps you speak English as a second language so you couldn't quite make out what I wrote? In that case, you're forgiven. I know a great tutor, btw, if you need a little help expressing yourself in English.


Anonymous December 13, 2007 9:13 PM
said "If he were from Chabad you would say how amazing he is."

Just trying to start ugly arguments, aren't you? you should be ashamed of yourself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



No, I was not trying to start something. I was ticked off at all the people finding fault with a kids obviously gifted situation.

I have also noticed here anything Satmar is picked on, or Satmar is used a a bash word for Chassdishe views that some don't like, etc.

I was just trying to say that if it were not a Satmar kid from KJ the article may not have drawn some of those negative remarks.

I am not anti-anyone.

I just am tired of people being critical of someone's good or successful endeavor.


adorable! precious! fantastic!


music to my ears

keep up the good work


just wondering if there are other family members who are musicians


Doesn't sound like he's the next Keith Jarret...




WOW he is sooooo cute! may he be soicha to bring joy and happieness to many yiddisha simchas have lots of nachas from him


Keep Jerry (Yechiel Brauner) the Molester away from him!


Is this a known tune, or the little fellow's original?


TO: KYo-Town Producer:

The song is MA MA MA from Yaakov Shwekey's latest tape LESHEM SHOMAYIM.


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