Sunday, December 23, 2007

Heimishe Yingerman for sale

Heh. Love this. Everyone should own two.


this ad was obvioulsy placed in the wrong section poor guy he needs a job and you guys are gana make fun of him and show his number

at least corss out the #


Thanks for posting my ad on Chaptzem and giving me a much wider circulation than I paid for.


is this the same yingerman who crashed his plane etc.?

no wonder he's for sale...


Anon 9:01 PM I very much doubt it, as his name is yungerman, as opposed to to mystery celebrity "yingerman" whom chaptzem is always on the watch for. (For those who can't tell the difference, a yingerman is more of the "yinger" type of fellow, while a yungerman is generally a bit "yunger" as these things go)


Fax me your resume or past work experience and what type of work you're good at. I may be interested 718-972-4848


Hey, it's probably Simcha Felder, who after his bathroom/nudity speech figures he better look elsewhere for employment, or his wife won't forgive him this time.


Excuse me if I'm off-base, but if he is a "yungerman", isn't that the time he is supposed to be learning?


im just wondering if this were a lady loking for a job . Would it say Heimishe Yinger- Maydil looking....?


Hey everybody Anonymous December 23, 2007 9:46 PM says that Corner Cafe is Hiring


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