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A little bit about the fifth grade Viener Yeshivah teacher and his job

The following is a post from a teachers' forum that was posted back in September by the Viener Yeshivah fifth grade teacher. Let's hope that this post, written a couple of months ago, before any videos were posted, gives readers some idea about the devotion and sincerity of this teacher and just how difficult his job is.


Hey everyone - I just started teaching this year at a chassidic Jewish School in Brooklyn. I spent months in preparation for this reading all these books of ideas and philosophies of what to do and what not to do. I walk into the class on the first day and all of that went down the drain. During the first few days I could not get through any assignments. These kids have Jewish Subjects from early in the morning and I have them from 3:30 - 6:00 to teach all english subjects. I cant get these kids to listen to a lesson for two minutes. Its a very large class of 31 kids and they are very energetic. I just started my third week today. I did a little inventory last night and realized I should have graded over 300 papers so far and then I realized that half the kids are not turning in work? I have a good number of kids who don’t like doing work and choose to sit in class and do nothing. I think there are a few kids that haven’t lifted a pencil since the start of the year. I see I have a good number of kids that are on different levels which makes this all the more challenging. For example last week I gave out a multiplication sheet with basic times table question and other kids had a very hard time. Some kids expressed to me that the a very poor at division. On the other hand I see other kids in the class doing very well. So I am trying to figure out how to go forward??? Overall it seems that in some regards they are more on a fouth grade level. I just gave out today a blank map of the united states and most kids could only fill in three of four states. They all seem to have no sentence structure let alone understand what a paragraph is. Getting them to write anything is a nightmare. “It’s too hard… I can’t do it… Five sentences???? That too much” - It’s going to be one tough year to get these kids on a normal level. Some of these kids can be very smart when they want to be, but they are tired and at that point in the day they could care less. Then wonderfully these kids are not allotted a normal recess schedule. Because the playground is so small they have only certain days of the week that they can use it. The other days all the recess is in the classroom. I really feel bad for some of these kids that really need a few minutes to just run around. I tried speaking to the principal and didn’t get anywhere. Anyways guess a lot of this comes with experience and practice. But ideas on how to structure out this scenario would be helpful.


Link to the post at TheTeachersCorner.net teachers' forum

I get the part about what the teacher has to deal with. What I don't understand is why the English, grammar, etc. make the posting seem as though it were written by one of the very students described therein.


DEAR CHAPTZEM - I SEE YOUR REALLY DIGGING UP ON ME... anyways... Just for the record to all your readers not only did I try to find ideas on how to make the class better I was in contact with an old teacher of mine. As I am a bal teshuva - when I was in fifth grade I was in Public school and had a teacher who has now been teaching that grade for over 35 years... I contacted this teacher and spent hours in conversation on ideas on how to make this class run good. I continued to be in e-mail communication with this teacher…Ask my family where I was chol hamoed succkos instead of enjoying the yom tov I wanted to better my skills for the kids sake… so I spent the entire day observing this teachers 5th grade classroom. ALL I CAN SAY IS SOME PEOPLE HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IT IS TO RUN A CLASSROOM AND ESPECIALLY IN A CHASSIDSH YESHIVA - after the kids have been in class all morning...IT TAKES A LOT OF TALENT - IN FACT THE TEACHER FROM THIS PUBLIC SCHOOL TOLD ME THAT WITH 35 YEARS OF EXPERINCE ... EVEN WITH THAT EXPERINCE IT WOULD NOT BE ENOUGH TO HANDLE A SITUATION LIKE A CHASSIDH YESHIVA... SO FOR ALL OF THOSE PEOPLE WHO ARE RUNNING TO BASH YOUR TEACHERS STOP AND THINK ABOUT THE TIME AND ENERGY THEY PUT IN EVERY DAY... DAY IN AND DAY... ALL FOR YOUR CHILD...ALL FOR A LOW SALARY THAT CAN HARDLY SUPPORT A SINGLE PERSON YET ALONE A FAMILY ( OH AND WITH REGARD TO THAT SPELLING AND GAMMAR ISSUE… I WROTE THIS LATE AT NIGHT AFTER A LONG DAY IN A CLASSROOM – I REALLY WAS NOT SO INTERESTED IN GIVING A PROOFREAD OVER THE WHOLE PARAGRAPH)


I am the poster who commented above about the teacher's poor command of the English language.

One example would be in his comment above where he states: "I contacted this teacher and spent hours in conversation on ideas on how to make this class run good."

Run "good"? Run well, my friend. Even my cousin in elementary school new that.


To The Teacher

Why do you feel the need to defend yourself on a blog where the main postings involve yingermen crashing planes and cars

The more you respond the longer the story goes on


Anon 9:17,
work on you're own grammer

"Run "good"? Run well, my friend. Even my cousin in elementary school new that."

knew not new


he feels he needs to respond on this blog, because i think (shhhhh!) HE is the yigerman that chaptzem always refers to as doing various things.

in other news.... i have heard that the brooklyn da has launched an investigation into this incident.

seems that the teacher is facing some serious jail time for what he did.


jail time? my foot . molesters dont get locked up . why would an upload to u tube get jail time . dont hock!!


I am not the previous commentator, but I can tell you that although he may not get jail time, he will have some serious answering to do.

His excuse is pretty lame.

This is the USA, and there are laws. He can claim he did not know them, or he made a simple mistake. That does not work.

If a person owns a legal gun, and shoots his friend (by mistake) and kills him, he can't just say "I'm sorry".

I am in the "legal field", and have been following this closely since the beginning. While is does seem like he made a mistake, I think his biggest mistake was posting his letter on various blogs admitting his guilt.



From the "yeshivishe" blog:
Editors Note 12:30AM EST 12/16/07: the so-called Yeshivishe blog has been contacted by the administration of the Yeshivah. They would like to assure the public that immediate action was taken regarding this incident, and they appoligize for this persons irresponsible actions.

Additionally, the video’s on YouTube are being removed.

The quick response, and actions of the Hanhola in the Yeshiva should be commended.
The perverted moderator does not let this response be posted, so I'm posting it here.

1) If the blogger would've handled this behind the scenes the yeshiva would not have been pressured to fire the teacher and this would've went away quietly.

2) The videos can only be removed by the poster, why doesn't he thank the teacher for "cleaning up his mess", why does he pretend that somehow they are being removed on their own.

3) The action taken by the yeshiva should only be commended, if they were the right thing, obvious this blogger thinks firing the teacher was the right thing. Looks like this blogger has an agenda.

4) Look at the way this illiterate blogger spells apologize. (I'm sure he'll change it as soon as he sees this, the little shmedrik probably lurks around here.)

5) I highly doubt the hanahala of the yeshiva contacted that blog 12:30 am. This is in all probability just another lie from that pathological liar.


>I am not the previous commentator

Yes you are fool.




I highly doubt the hanahala of the yeshiva contacted that blog 12:30 am -- IN FACT THEY DID NOT - I SENT HIM A VERY STRONGLY WORDED LETTER AT THAT EXACT TIME AND SUDDENLY THIS WHOLE UPDATE POPS UP???? It was rather interesting.


Here is the big question.

Did someone really send in a letter to the so-called Yeshivishe blog, or did he write the "open letter" himself?

Why do I suspect the latter?


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