Tuesday, December 11, 2007

LIVE from Boro-Park - the first BASF protest demonstration

Pigeons flew in today from all over New York City to take part in the first protest demonstration staged by the anti-Felder pro-bird-feeding organization BASF - Birds Against Simcha Felder. The pigeons vowed that when Felder will run for Comptroller they will protest at all his campaign sites and will be sure to 'rain' on his parade.

good for them


I can't the find the link to the source.



We don't need birds flying in from all over NYC. We have enough of them in Brooklyn already. Bring in the hawks!


Ummm I don't think that's real. The only news source interested enough to cover something like that would be Chaptzem's blog


Let me tell you about the absolutely MOST disgusting pigeon assembly location in BP.
It is on 53 st,just outside Shomer Shabbos.There are actually people who still think that it is a big mitzva to feed the poor critters.
Someone is placing all the leftovers of the garbage food left downstairs in the big "chesed shomer shabbos kitchen" (the food is already barely ro`uy leachilus you know what;and it also smells like neveila)and gives it to the birds.
I actually think (I hope!!!)that the food is so bad ,that it might actually poison all those filthy pigeons.


If Simcha does away with the pigeons how am I going to get squab to cook for my family?. There are enough sqaubs in that photo to feed us for a week!


NO WAY! You can't get rid of the Shomer Shabbos pigeons. If they are gone I will never take a car wash. Now I take one twic a week if I park anywhere on 53rd near 13th Ave. They make such a mess! between the smell from the Satmer meat store, and he pigeon poop all over the floor, 53rd is off limits for me! GO SIMCHA GO!


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