Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A question for the oilem - Why was the Viener Yeshivah fifth grade teacher fired?

Just a simple question.

Why was the fifth grade English teacher at the Viener Yeshivah fired?

He posted videos of the kids in his class. Now we know he's not the sharpest knife in the drawer. What's the reasoning behind firing him from his job?

Is he less qualified as a teacher now? Is it because now that he is no longer teaching there he will not make the same mistake again? Is it because he hurt the kids so irreparably by posting the videos? Is it because only a sheigetz would do such a horrible thing? Is it to send a message to all future teachers to never, ever, ever post videos of kids again? Or is it because the people in charge used the knee-jerk reaction approach to doing things rather than common sense?

What was accomplished by the firing of this seemingly caring and repentant teacher?

What do you think?
Post your opinions, your rants and your raves.

“The question however is, why are Yeshivahs hiring such idiots to teach Yiddishe kids?”
-Chaptzem, 12/16


Make up your mind chaptzem, at first you ranted that you wanted to take the teacher down and now that you have you want to get him back his job.


What the hell ... let's just give the dull knife his job back. now let me get back to my sardine sandwich.


Maybe we should publisize how the the Rabbeim and principles beat the boys which is against the law. Maybe that will roll some heads in the hanhalah


let me tell u about veina yeshiva,I have a freind that went to that so called yeshiva a number of years ago that saw what went on there he told me that there are teachers there that use profound langwege AND a rebbe that he did not want to mention because of loshon hora,well that means that there not very strickt about who they accept in there yeshiva as staff so im not suprised that this happened UNDER THERE SCRENING WHO KNOWS WHO THERE NEXT TEACHER OR REBBE WILL BE


In referrence to x viener's comment, I know alot about what goes on in vien. Many of the rebbes should have been sent out sooner than this teacher. The rebbes have spiritually and metally ruined many many jewish children for life. This teacher may have done something silly, but did not really harm the children.
Anyway, in vien, as for the students, if your father has money, anything....goes. You have no problem!!!!!!!!!!


I fail to understand why a teacher or rebbe is bad for using "profound" language. I would say that saying profound things is a good thing. It used to be when I was in Yeshiva. Is there now something wrong with profundity?

I have found many a Toisfois to be profound, as well as many Rabbi Akiva Egers, and many other things we learn. If we stop all the profound, what is left?


This is so sad. I am a teacher in a Chasidish yeshiva, and I work with many other teachers who hit the kids, verbally abuse them, and do much worse. At least this teacher, who is as underpaid as I am, Im sure, cares enough to apologize and WANTS to teach there, unlike alot of 'english' teachers, i.e., rebbes, who can barely speak English and do it to earn extra money. The kids come out abused and illiterate from these so-called 'teachers'.
Bottom line, give the poor guy his job back, he made a mistake but truly noone suffered any permanent damage from this..and he will never find a job mid-year...have rachmonus...


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