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Rabbi Laibel Katz Yeshivah closed down by NYC DOH

Rabbi Laibel Katz's Yeshivah in Flatbush has been closed down by the New York City Department of Health. The DOH came down to inspect a catering hall that is run from the building where the Yeshivah is located. The DOH found many violations and closed down catering hall, barring anyone from entering the building including the Yeshivah Bucherim. Rabbi Katz may have to take his entire Yeshivah of seven Bucherim and reopen the Yeshivah at the nearest City Bus shelter or public phone booth.

how can these goyim do this to such an erlichen yid?!


I love - just love - the sarcasm at the end of the piece. It's this sarcasm that makes Chaptzem as entertaining and addictive as he is.




In the bus stop on the corner


Bottom line, on every level your statements are sheker. The yeshiva never closed down. The catering hall issues had nothing to do with the yeshiva moving their space for ONE DAY at the beginning of the week, which was due to a broken boiler.


I can understand why such news made this blog ...but why would anybody write the comments of ," and reopen the yeshiva at the nearest city bus shelter or public phone booth ?" ..... you are talking about a choshiva rov and talmidim !! .... the blogger obviously has his own agenda with Rav label katz .... you should be ashamed to write that about any talmidim of any yeshiva who are learning torah!!! ....if you have any personal issues with rav Label katz shlitah , you should deal with that in a mature way which you cant obviously do!! ...i hope the yeshiva reopened for the bochurim that are there and hope not too much bitul torah was involved .....


the only part of the article that is sheker is that the article called Laible Katz a Rabbi.




I dont understand why people are using this site to take shots at rav label katz ..... if youhave personal issues with him , call him up and discuss it with him ,,,why would you insult any person like that , even if you dont consider him a rov !?!?


only 7 bochurim? no wonder! his long white beard can be deceiving. but i saw right through that faker the first time i met him.


Could this have anything to do with the fight his brother chanina is making with him?


the are more than 7 bucherim and it is a great school were we could learn more then any other school bec. idavidual attention for each bucher it great and rocks


Sorry to sound like such a goody two shoes on this site...Can't everyone live peacefully these days? B'h there is no physical war now in America, but look at what is happening to the peace between us. Whatever the truth is with the brothers, why does everyone have to have their say in it? Why does everyone NEED to spread their piece of L'H, their opinion on the matter? We are being oxymorons praying for the rebuilding of the bais hamikdash while doing all this (which is the reason it was estroyed in the 1st place) But maybe I'm being too naive.....


it is a great school were we could learn more then any other school bec. idavidual attention. and there is no bad bucherim in school to couse truble. it is great.


the catering has nothing to do with r' katz he is just renting the building


Love it! Laughed myself silly.


why does he have a yeshiva for 7 boys??


I heard its down to 4.
3 of the boys chewed their way to freedom.


rav laibel katz is most probably one of the most underrated gedolim in our time
he devotes his life to the clall and to individuals with sholom bayis issues
he is always available for shailos with precise answers
the rabbonim in flatbush are lucky that he never moved to flatbush otherwise they would be out of business as he would have the largest minyan

shame on all of you
being mevaze a takmid chocom this way


shame on all of you
being mevaze a takmid chocom this way

Comment Credit ---This article posted by Anonymous : December 24, 2007 4:17 PM
is a takmid chocom anything like a talmid chochom?


to the poster above who said the rabbonim in flatbush are lucky he didnt move to flatbush or they would have been out of buisness?? thats the problem.. HE TREATS HIS SHUL AND SCHOOL AS A BUISNESS!!! ALL ABOUT THE MONEY!


to the one who said that the problem is that he treats the school and shule as a business
who are you fooling
every rebbe rabbi and school owner does the same
nobody is in it for the perpetuation of torah etc
its al about money
this whole generation is about money
this was created by the rebbes and roshei yeshiva if you have money its ok otherwise you are garbage


December 25, 2007 2:44 PM Anon

You are 100% right!!!


What the heck is wrong with klal yisroel? such a nice person and tzadic to be treated this way!




To all of you who are knocking rav label katz .... i bet each one of you was helped directly by him or know of a close family member or friend who was helped by him !!!! ... he has helped countless of people with shalom bayis issues and helped couples with fertility issues ..... he is constantly on the phone answering shailos and helping people !!! ....


shalom bais?? he has his own issues! and he only helps you if you give him$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$


..... give him money !?!?! .. he has helped me and friends of mine out with desperate situations ..he has spent hours with me and NEVER EVER did he mention money !!!! ....i dont know what your problem with him is but you are obviously spending too much time with chanina or mutty katz !! ... you are making a fool out of yourself !!! .... rav label katz has never ever asked me for money and I dont know anybody that he has pushed them for money !! .... and i sometimes believe that its one of his faults that he doesnt ask people for money for his yeshiva when he helps them out !!! ...you have some nerve to talk about rabbi katz like that !!!!..


I am Zoche to know Rav Katz shlit"a well for close to 25 years already. I continue to get his opinion on important issues in life and yiddishkeit. He makes himself available squeezing me in between countless others coming and going and even bein hasedorim in or out of the yeshiva if he feels it's important. Never once in all these years has he asked me for money, even indirectly. Never once has he imposed his opinions or shitas on me and always recommends going to bigger gedolim and Rebbes for a final eitzah! Never once has he "suggested" to me to send my boys and bochrim to try his yeshiva!
And yes, my information is current and accurate.


I know of a particular situation
first hand where a single mother needed to get her child into a yeshiva and was having much difficulty. She almost considered public school for her child. However Chasdei H'Rav Label Katz took her child into his Yeshiva knowing full well she would not be able to pay. B"H this child went on to Shteig and is giving his mother and Klal Yisroel much nachas. Whatever a person feels internally about another yid, it is completely unecessary and an utter disgrace to be spreading such vicious words about another Yid. Keep your comments to yourself if you have nothing nice to say.


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