Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Ticket agent blocks bus stop

A city bus can't pull into the bus stop to pick up passengers, jeopardizing their safety, because a Traffic Cop is parked at the stop.

For those not aware;
1, There is a very strict policy on Bus-stop standing, no excuses unless you are black, no chance to move even if you are in the car.
2,The ticket is really expensive.
Traffic agents are required to obey the rules.


Where's Jimmy Justice when we need him?


This is a job for Jimmy Justice!!!!


your comment is offensive to yids who happen to be black. shame on you for your lack of hememische!


when I got sick and tired of the anti-semitic choleras who write this tickets, I picked myself up and moved to New Jersey.


Someone should have gotten the License plate # of the traffic cops car!


If you click on the picture, you can make out the number of the vehicle... 7465. Report it to the NYPD IAD (Internal Affairs Division) or the city DOI (Dep't of Investigation)


i click on the picture and don't see any bus stop, it looks like they just stopped at a red light.
i think i choptzet eim!


I wrote at 9:03 AM that the agents are stricter ticketing white people than black people. I meant no offense to black jews or even black non-jews. The fact is just that I feel the enforcement at the street level is not supervised and there is a racial element in their enforcement decisions. And yes, if the agent knew a black person was also jewish, he probably would be more likely to ticket him rather than let him go.


5:26 pm

The Busstoop pole with Sign at the top and schedule attached in the middle, is just behind the tree the Heimishe guy is standing next to. This is the stop at 49th & 13th. You can see spoonful's restaurant across 13th and across 50th.

Special priv's and stupididty goes to the cops also. Every morning tehy pull cars over to give tickets on Flatbush Avenue, going down the Hill from Grand Army Pklaza. they always stop in theright lane, which is a regular traffic lane. Wassamatter they can't make the guy pull around the corner so traffic can flow? they also stop for their coffee, donuts, banking etc all the time


yup, I can see the license plate # 7465 but I don't see a bus stop so I don't see any reason for anyone to report it.


Click on the picture and look on the top right corner and you could see the bus stop sign.



Check out this video. We should all start doing the same.



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